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10 things you Need to do During your Job Search

1. Keep searching for a job while already being on a job. 

Don’t wait for your current job to end to look for a new one. If you have resigned and are completing your resignation period then you must start looking for a job immediately. Don’t ever make the mistake of sitting out on good job opportunities just because you are currently waiting for your resignation period to end. Stay in contact with different job finding websites and sign up for their job alerts. You will get regular emails about jobs that pertain to your interest. You don’t have to respond to each and every one of those, just contact those who you want to work with. And if you have not resigned and are looking for better job opportunities then you must keep your job finding on the hush hush.

2. Apply everywhere possible. 

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If you are desperate to find a job then you should not be picky about where you apply. You need to keep all your options open and apply anywhere and everywhere possible. There are several job openings each month, do not wait for the perfect one to stumble your way. Make use of what is available and perhaps the job you get is the perfect one for you. Remember you are just applying and there’s no harm in that. Applying to different places may give you experience of different firms and employers that you can use in the future.

3. Don’t just look for jobs online. 

Find jobs through people and not online. Finding jobs online can be very foolish as online posted jobs are often very old and might have expired. Furthermore, these jobs don’t have guarantee and there’s no telling whether it is a hoax or an authentic job. You can easily be trapped and called for an interview at a shady place and then mugged. Try to be very sure that the job that is being advertised is authentic. On the other hand, many times jobs are not even advertised online. If your approach towards finding a job is just based on internet then you may be missing out on great job opportunities otherwise. Keep all options open and use different portals to look for jobs, such as newspapers and connections.

4. Write personalized cover letters 

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Wherever you apply make sure you send a personalized cover letter along with your curriculum vitae. In your cover letter change the text according to the place you are applying at. The message should be directed towards that particular position you are applying for at the particular company. This makes the employer understand that you are a serious candidate and are not just doing it for the sake of applying and are actually interested in the job. The will also judge your interest in the company and the position you are applying for. Do not mix things between your cover letter and resume, the content should not overlap each other.

5. Schedule a meeting with a career expert.

The best option always is to get help of a professional. If you are facing trouble looking for the perfect job and you don’t know what to do then you must ask a professional to help you out. There are many career counseling agencies available that will arm you with great advice on what you should do to land a dream job. These experts are highly professional and have the experience of every possible field. Other than giving you advice they can even connect you with prospective employers or companies. If you are facing issues deciding which field and what position will fit you, these career experts will look at your profile in detail and advise you accordingly. You will be able to score a good job with their help.

6. Keep updating your resume. 

An outdated resume is of no use and puts the worst impression on the employers. They are lead to believe that you are least interested in the job as you haven’t even updated your resume. You may think that the old termite infested resume is good to go. But sadly you are mistaken. Your resume should be updated every six months even if you are currently not looking for a job. Resume patterns change a lot over time and your resume should be in line with the newest pattern. Don’t be lazy and re-structure your resume. Make sure all your educational achievements are clearly mentioned along with your experiences and skills. Your resume is the only thing that brings you to the interview desk, it should be highly impressive. From then on, it’s you who must impress the employers.

7. Don’t be too picky. 

Know that you need the job more than the job needs you. You must not be too picky and get out of your world of fantasies. There’s no such thing as a perfect job. You won’t get a job that ticks all your boxes so it’s foolish to spend your time and energy looking for one. If you are a beginner and looking for your first ever job then you must compromise and not be very finicky about it. Once you gain experience you’ll be able to get a better job and can even hope for one that fits your idea of an ideal job.

8. Be well prepared for your interview. 

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Your interview will decide whether you get the job or not. So you need to take the interviews seriously. You must be well prepared for your interview. As per the suggestion of Glassdoor you must do these three things before you go for a job interview:

  • Do extensive research on the company you are going for the interview and make sure you know what they do.
  • Look up on the internet for the most popular questions asked in an interview and practice answering them.
  • If you know the name of the interviewer then you must do a little research on them.

9. Dress to impress 

You appearance matters a lot when you are going for an interview. We are not talking about your looks but the way you carry yourself. Keep yourself in the shoes of an employer and think: Would you hire a candidate who appeared for an interview dressed in casual clothes that are not office friendly? I bet you wouldn’t. When going for an interview make sure you are dressed in professional attire and are looking your best. Take care of your personal hygiene and take a bath before going and try to avoid using public transport if possible. Travelling in public transport can make your clothes all wrinkly and drenched in sweat.

10. Call them up.

If you haven’t heard from a place where you think the interviews and everything went well then you can give them a follow up call. There’s no shame in giving a follow up call. It is just so you can apply other places and make sure whether you are being considered for the position or not. It can also be used to remind the firm or manager that you have applied and if they want to hire you then now is the time. It works as a great reminder.

Good luck for your job hunt, follow these ten very important commandments and see jobs pooling in. Or if you are a student who needs help with writing an essay on this topic or any other related topic they can go on the internet and look for essay writing services and ask them to Dissertation Help. They will help you based on the essay writing patterns used in the UK. Just be cautious and choose a reliable website for your essay on job related topics.

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