Looking for healthy recipes that can be on the table within a few minutes?

We selected 3 quick and healthy recipes for you that will be ready in no time:

Spring veg pasta

Nowadays, pasta is a leading choice for children. Pasta comes in multiple sizes, and shapes. Moreover, adolescents love to learn how to cook it as they can easily add the additional flavors they love. If you have a machine at home, you can make it on your own.


·         Asparagus 1 x 350 g

·         Courgettes 2 (small)

·         Eggs 2 (large)

·         Crème Fraiche 60 g

·         Parmesan Cheese, freshly grated

·         A lemon (1/2)

·         Tagliatelle 400 g

·         Pancetta 100 g

·         Olive Oil

·         Fresh mint, ½ a bunch


Step 1

Take a large saucepan. Add some water and a pinch of sea salt in it. Turn on the stove and boil it.

Step 2

Start peeling the vegetables with the help of a peeler into ribbons.

Step 3

Take a big bowl, break eggs, add Parmesan cheese and Crème Fraiche and then grate in lemon zest. Add the black pepper and a pinch of salt. Mix all the ingredients well.

Step 4

Take a large pan containing boiling water and cook the pasta following the directions on the packet.

Step 5

Take a large pan, heat a glug. Chop the pancetta and add it in the pan. Remove the heat until they are crispy.

Step 6

Drain the pasta.

Step 7

After removing heat, add the pasta to pancetta. Add the vegetable ribbon and mixture of the egg.

Step 8

Dish all the ingredients. You can top the bowl with the mint leaves and Parmesan cheese grating.

Step 9

The spring veg pasta is ready to serve.

Toasted Popeye bread

This is not exactly what you can call a low carb meal, but there’s a low carb version of it.

You can have it for breakfast and the best ingredient for breakfast time is spinach. Spinach is rich in vitamin K, which helps to keep our bones healthy and active.


·         Cherry tomatoes, 160 g

·         Wholemeal bread, four thin slices

·         Eggs, three large

·         High-welfare smoked ham, 1 x 15 g

·         Baby spinach 80 g

·         Semi-skimmed milk two tablespoons

·         Cottage Cheese 1 heaped tablespoon.

·         Olive Oil

·         Chili Sauce


Step 1

Preheat the grill at a high temperature.

Step 2

Take a large baking tray, lay the tomato vines. Take a sharp knife and pick each tomato. Grill for about 5 minutes, then adds the bread to the dish to toast both sides of tomato.

Step 3

Take a blender, break one egg into it. Add spinach, ham, milk and a pinch of black pepper. Blend all the ingredients until the mixture becomes smooth.

Step 4

Take a tray and split the green mixture of egg between the several pieces of toast, spread it out to edges.

Step 5

Split the cottage cheese, pop back on the grill for more 5 minutes, until it starts to brown the edges.

Step 6

Take a non-stick frying pan, dry fry the left two eggs on medium heat. Cover the pan with a lid and poach the eggs on the top.

Step 7

Divide the bread and serve every portion with egg and half of the grilled tomatoes. Add chili sauce for additional flavor. Crush all the vegetables, and tear up the bread, and ruin the egg yolk. Enjoy it with your family.

These are the best healthy recipes that you can make at home. They are not costly, you can effectively manage them within your budget. Give a try to any of these recipes once. I am sure you will love to cook again and again.

Sesame butterflied chicken

When you add a bit of crunch to this dish, the ingredients involving sugar snap peas and Chinese cabbage provide the source of Vitamin C. We need vitamin C to make the organ-protecting vitamin E.


·  Fine rice noodles, 100 g

·         Skinless chicken breasts 2 x 1200 g

·         Spring onions, four

·         Groundnut oil

·         Sugar snap peas 200 g

·         Chinese Cabbage, half, 150 g

·         Fresh red chili, half to one.

·         Low salt soya sauce, one tablespoon.

·         Limes, two

·         Natural yogurt, two tablespoons.

·         Peanut butter, one tablespoon

·         Sesame seeds, two tablespoons.

·         Pieces of ginger, 2 cm


Step 1

Place a pan on high heat.

Step 2

Take a bowl, add noodles in it. Cover the noodles with the boiling water for the rehydration.

Step 3

Cut the chicken breast with the help of a sharp knife. Rub with one teaspoon of groundnut oil, a pinch of black pepper and sea salt, cook for approximately 10 minutes until they are golden.

Step 4

Take the spring onions, trim and rattle with the help of most exceptional slicer present on the food processor, followed by the sugar snap peas, Chinese cabbage, and chili.

Step 5

Dress it in the juice of soya sauce and one lime. Take a small bowl, add the yogurt, peanut butter and the juice of lime, peel, and grate in ginger, season it to perfection.

Step 6

Slice the chicken, toast the sesame seeds in the residual heat of the pan and sprinkle them on the chicken before you serve.

Step 7

Drain noodles. Divide between two plates along with the chicken, add peanut sauce and mix all the ingredients.

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