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4 Reasons Customer Service Outsourcing Thrives in 2019

BPO services who are capable of software developers build apps to support customer service outsourcing. It empowers the customers with authority and decision to co

When nothing works for you as a customer, the bottled up anger leaves nothing to expectations and everything to chance.

It results in serious consequences for businesses. One unsatisfied customer can come between you and thousands of potential customers.

You don’t want to go there, now, do you?

To avoid irreversible damage from happening, companies must have a plan in place for customer service outsourcing. It retains customers for good. In other words, it is a way to make those permanent customers stick to you forever.

What is Customer Service Outsourcing?

The word “outsourcing” in customer service reminds us of a huge call center away from home with a dozen agents wearing headsets.

Companies go to BPO services to provide vigilant customer services to their consumers. It is the right thing to do!

There is a method in their madness. Apparently, a call center in another country sounds like a jumped up approach. However, there is a plan behind this oddness and more often than not, it works!

Outsourcing customer service problems to third parties become customer service outsourcing – It is not something new!

Real life scenarios are painful when it comes to issues. With customer service problems on the rise, such companies are also peaking as we speak. It is almost an issue of failed customer contact centers.

It is not easy to access them when you are put on hold when you have to press several buttons to talk to a representative or explain your problem multiple times to them.

That is not how it works! The end solution is to make the customer experience less painful. The easier it is for customers to contact companies, the better the chance businesses have with their customers.

Customer Service Outsourcing

1.    Apps Flood the Market in Support of the Customer

To take care of customer issues, the BPO services across the world have developed mobile apps.

The purpose is to help customers in distress; to make sure companies they have issues with are hearing them out. Despite philanthropy in the usual sense, this kind of business process outsourcing for the customer is full of deeds.

If you are one of those customers who have an issue with a company, it is time to make use of these apps instantly. The app becomes your personal custodian which goes out for you and constantly bombards the company with your issue until it is resolved.

Now, that is how you treat a customer!

It feels just about right when the customer is the focus of attention and not the product or service!

When customers get equipped with BPO services & apps of mass bombardment, the questionable companies have to be ready for them. The rise in outsourced customer complaint method hits them hard and hits them big. How they tackle, the issue depends on businesses and the problem lies in the solution i.e. never to take customers for granted.

2.    The Emergence of On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy is on the rise with technology, apps, and mobiles in the center of it. Technology companies create a web of apps for customers to access and use them for their own benefit. The series of transactions essentially form the term.

Names of such apps are Uber or Lyft for travel convenience, TaskRabbit to run errands on your behalf and Amazon to bring home the goods, we are living in a digital age. Therefore, when companies need strong customer relationship management, they require a stronger complaint handling section.

Inbound Call Centers

3.    Machine Learning and AI in Action

The on-demand economy has changed the face of the business world; it affects customer service in many ways. Companies consistently improve on their customer service front with the use of machine learning and AI. Technologies like these two are going to define customer service by the end of this decade.

That’s a fact and the right time is now to come out of the bubble and openly accept it. We don’t want you to suffer as a company and lose customers.

The innovation in technology gives customer service outsourcing companies an edge over the others. Customers reach out and download the third-party apps to let them ping the company in question on their behalf, let it be cash refund or returning of additional charges on food. Outsource anything that bothers you!

BPO services have an upper hand, regardless of the redundancy in operation due to affordability and diverse thinking. Move on with your life without disruption.

4.    Spike in Complaint Volume

When dissatisfied customer ratio increases in comparison to satisfied customer ratio, there is no stopping of customer service outsourcing. Get ready to receive a bulk of complaints via third-party services such as ‘AirHelp’ and ‘Service’ which are organized and targeted in nature. They will work exhaustively until they receive an optimal output for the customer.

The solution to handle such complaints is to create an environment of AI and human agents. Let the machine handle the common, repetitive human tasks and leave the complexities to humans themselves.

How do you perceive customer service outsourcing and what do you think about human resource (HR) management and outsourcing sales services?

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