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5 Most Beautiful Cities In Croatia

There are many beautiful cities in Croatia but which are the most beautiful ones? Find here.

Spoiler Alert! You will fall in love with Croatia. The country is known for its beautiful Croatia Cities and sceneries. Matter of fact it is shaped like a croissant. Let us be honest most people recognized Croatia for playing in the world cup finals. Put it on your bucket list. Croatia is in central Europe. The official currency is Kuna. The capital city is Zagreb. The official language is Croatian. The weather is warm, dry summers and mild winters.

Here are some of the gorgeous Croatia Cities to visit

1) Pula

Pula Croatia Cities

It is a coastal Croatia Cities that is situated at the head of Istrian Peninsular. It borders Italy, and it should be the first place to stop over if you are on a road trip from Italy. It is the gateway to the beaches of Verudela Peninsula. The Pula Arena is one of the ancient amphitheater and a popular tourist attraction. An ancient Temple of Augustus is where you will view the Gate of Hercules.

2) Zagreb

Zagreb Croatia Cities

The beautiful capital of Croatia Cities has gorgeous architecture. Though far from the coastline you will enjoy the city museum, shops, and palaces. The iconic cathedral St. Marks Church is a must see building. Visit the Gorji Grad street filled with shops and cafes to experience the multicultural charm. Want to have great photo moments visit? Lotrscak Tower. Just on the horizon, Mount Medvednica overlooks. On the mountain you can ski run, hike trail, see lichen-clad forests and mysterious medieval fortresses.

3) Split

Split Croatia Cities

Saying the city is magnificent is an understatement. The Croatia Cities has a deep history with tight-knit alleys and peristyle constructions. The Diocletian’s Palace is the best architectural piece. It has underground tunnels where you can have a taste of the frog delicacy. It attracts photo-hungry tourists on high season. The islands like Hvar and Brac are some of the places to go and explore.

4) Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Croatia Cities

Game of throne fans may be familiar with the city because some scenes have been filmed there. The town is filled with a lot of influence of Ottoman empire. The Pearl of the Adriatic is a desirable destination. It has imposing walls and the Lovrijenac fortress. The Sponza palace and city walls are pleasant to stroll or ride a bike. There is the Korcula island near the Croatia Cities. Enjoy the seafood and explore the turquoise coves.

5) Sibenik 

A safe, natural harbor in the eastern Adriatic coast is where Sibenik is situated. The Krka river streams flow to the sea creating some beautiful sounds. It is a combination of modern building and ancient part with small roads. Its paved streets, squares, and houses make it a city off multicultural. The past comes to mind because fortresses and ancient walls surround the Croatia Cities. The following old towers surround it: St. Michael, St John, and Subicevac.

6) Biograd

I have added the city because of its renown as a sailing destination. When you search for Croatia sailing, it will be the first option to pop up.

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