Anger Issues

5 Signs That Show You Have Anger Issues and Ways To Curb It!

Being angry is one of the most irritating parts of our behaviour, it is a very strong emotion that can break relationships, destroy your inner soul and never let you

1.  You Hold Grudges

You may say sweet things on the face of your friend when you don’t like their wordings but you do hold grudges and you later stop talking to that person. You add those people in your bad books and never erase them from there.

2.  You Are Short-Tempered

You get angry on little things, even if someone pokes you out of fun, you consider it very irritating and backlash on that person.

Anger Short-Tempered

3. You Always Want To Win

You have a very competitive nature and you always want to win from the other person, no matter if the person is your enemy or a friend.

Anger To Win

4. You Don’t Take Criticism

Healthy criticism is good to take because no one is perfect and so do you. You need to learn to accept healthy criticism.

Anger Criticism

5. You Yell A Lot

No matter how big or small a thing is, but if it has pissed you off even a bit, your voice pitch gets extremely high and you start to yell at people to prove your points

How To Control Anger?

Being angry is one big issue that needs to get resolved to lead a happy and peaceful life. Given below is a list of anger management techniques that you must know about.

Control Anger

  1. Spill It Out To A Friend

The best way to control your anger is to talk to the people around you. Let everything in your heart and in your mind spill out. Trust me it feels so good to share your pain with someone else even when you know they can’t help you in that situation.

  1. Count Backwards

Counting backward is a tried and tested a way to control anger. It requires more concentration while counting backward and thus it diverts your mind making you feel calm about the situation that made you angry.

Backwards Anger

  1. Do Artistic Activites

Doing anything that you love will help you to control your anger. If you love to sing, then sing in your highest pitch to relax, if you are a dancer, do your best moves and divert your mind from all the negativity, if you are an artistic person and love to paint then draw or paint the situations that you love or you can even listen to a soothing music to calm down yourself.

  1. Do Heavy Weight Exercise

Heavyweight exercise requires maximum efforts and is a very helpful stress reliever. Trust me this will surely work, as the anger you have will get shredded in the gym itself.

 Anger  Weight Exercise

  1. Write It Out

When you are angry and have no one to share your feelings with then remember you always have you as a friend. Write down your feelings and the reasons that made you angry, spend some time alone and you will start feeling much better.

So, these were the 5 signs that show you have anger issues and some ways to curb it.

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