Working from home has now become normal with the current COVID-19 situation.

With that amount of people working remotely, it is important to know the best gifts for people who work from home.

Unique gifts, gift packages, and gift ideas for employees in general, you’ll find anything that you need here suitable for anyone in your company.

  1. Lolli and Pops Hot Cocoa – $12
  2. Cucina & Amore Bruschetta Spread Kits – $3.99
  3. Espro Copper Coffee Press $69.95
  4. Apple Airpods Pro – $249
  5. Triangle notebook – $33
  6. Corkcicle Sport Canteen – $34.95
  7. Work from Home Gift Care Package
  8. Prodir DNA Identity Pen

1. Lolli and Pops Hot Cocoa – $12

Times are hard and it’s easy to get bored. This hot cocoa powder from Lolli and Pops is certainly not the most healthy option to give to your employees, but it’s definitely a nice way to spend some short time at home.

Lolli and Pops Hot Cocoa - $12

It was made with natural sugar cane which will not impact too much the health of employees, and will, of course, make it a fantastic work from home gift.

It is a premium hot cocoa drink that will make them feel warm inside and cozy at home.

2. Cucina & Amore Bruschetta Spread Kits – $3.99

Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world and Cucina & Amore will definitely make your employees enjoy their lunch break a little more.

Italian cuisine

Various flavors are available and you can buy 1 or 6 pots of them. Their superior selection of bruschetta goes from Artichoke and Olive Medley to Red Pepper & Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato.

Sun-Dried Tomato

We think it’s one of the most original gifts for people who work from home as this will make their day more pleasant, enjoyable, and definitely more delicious.

3. Espro Copper Coffee Press $69.95

Everyone needs coffee to wake up in the morning, and even more when working from home. The fact to be working from our living room could sometimes make things harder in the morning as your employees might tend to wake up right before starting their shift.

Espro Copper Coffee Press

If that’s the case, then you know this is one of the best gifts for someone who works from home.

They’ll only need to add coffee, pour some water, stir, press, and that’s it. Their coffee will be ready in a few minutes

4. Apple Airpods Pro – $249

As Gemnote would say, the Apple Airpods are the best wireless headphone gift for employees, and for a good reason.

It comes at a more premium price tag, which is totally justified given the extremely high build and sound quality of these earphones.

Apple Airpods Pro

Other than simply being great, they have an active noise canceling which fits all your employees’ needs, and they’ll be able to use them at home while working. That is what we consider one of the best gifts for people who work from home.

5. Triangle notebook – $33

People working from home will write their notes on their computer’s notes, that is a fact. However, what happens when a problem arises on their laptop and they lose everything? Well, nothing they could possibly do about it.

Triangle notebook

That is why a triangle notebook is a great work from home gift to be given. It is compact, practical, and has 160 sheets which is great for leaving long notes.

Other than that, it is available in different colors and styles which is a great addition to the purchase.

6. Corkcicle Sport Canteen – $34.95

During this crisis period, many people are working out at home not to gain too much weight. The Sport Canteen bottle from Corkcicle.

Corkcicle Sport Canteen

It is a perfect premium corporate gift at a reasonable price. Other than using it while working out, it is also a great accessory to keep on the desk to drink water and remain healthier.

This water bottle has a folding metal handle, it is triple-insulated, and lastly, its mouth is wide enough to add ice cubes to your drink.

7. Work from Home Gift Care Package

Gift packages are much nicer and original working from home gift ideas for employees. First of all, they include multiple items rather than only one, and that will definitely please your employees.

Secondly, a work from home care package will give that premium sense of reward to your employees and that will definitely motivate them when working from their living room.

Work from Home Gift Care Package

For example, gift baskets are lame and not cool, but gift packages are and everyone tends to like them nowadays, and your employees are no exception.

Lastly, there are many different types of gift packages to please everyone and it is going to make your life much easier, rather than choosing one single gift.

8. Prodir DNA Identity Pen

The DNA Identity pen from Prodir is a fantastic gift to be given in addition to a notebook.

In fact, this is no normal pen. It is a premium quality unique pen that will certainly last a long time and

Prodir DNA Identity Pen

Other than that, you can customize it in endless options and give your employees the possibility to choose their style, which is an amazing feature.

Last but not least, it is made of metal rather than plastic which is really an advantage for the planet.


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