Circumcision Method

Is it Advisable to Opt For Adult Circumcision?

In the medical community, male Adult Circumcision Method stands out as the most debated issue, attracting massive attention from both men and women. However, what actually makes this such a controversial topic? There is a valid reason behind this and there is no definitive evidence regarding whether adult circumcision is a good choice or not.

Men must be aware of what goes on during the Circumcision Method surgery, but if this is new information for you, here’s what you should know about the surgery. Adult circumcision in men is a minor surgical procedure, but a complicated health-related topic that attracts continuous attention around it. In the medical community, however, people consider this an appropriate surgery, whereas others outside this community give it cultural and religious tags.  Regardless of the belief you have, you have to know the welfare of your health as something that comes first at all times.

In men, circumcision is a minor procedure that aids in the removal of the foreskin (the skin sleeve that surrounds the tip of the penis).

Some factors often compel men to opt for the snip, and these include:

  • When men do not undergo circumcision, moisture traps between the penis and foreskin, which creates the suitable environment for the accumulation and breeding of bacterial infections. Hence, it brings a higher risk of infections, making it easier to spread harmful viruses to your partner.
  • The foreskin removal aids in getting rid of the warm, dark and the wet environment that sustains sexually transmitted viruses like HIV, syphilis, Herpes, and centroids.
  • As you opt for circumcision at the Circumcision Method Center, the surgical procedure will also help to reduce the risks of your sexual partner getting cancers like cervical cancer.
  • It also decreases the risk of your female partner contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  • For uncircumcised men, keeping the penis clean throughout the day may be a problem. Adult circumcision helps to simplify this problem and keeps the genital areas clean throughout. It enables you to maintain proper hygiene and boost your confidence.
  • Some women, due to aesthetic reasons prefer circumcised penises and some men opt for this procedure to fulfill the desire of their partner.

Health Reasons for Circumcision Method

Adult circumcision is a straightforward one, but it may come with some complications in rare cases, like wound infections and bleeding. On the other hand, severe conditions could also push men to opt for the surgery, like septicemia, meningitis, and others. This surgical procedure proceeds under general or local anesthesia.

The common conditions for circumcision include:

Recurrent Balanitis: Due to poor hygiene, sometimes fungal or bacterial infections can lead to other complications like swelling of the penis, which can lead to men thinking of seeking help from a circumcision specialist for the foreskin removal, promoting better hygiene.

Phimosis: This health condition occurs when the penis foreskin becomes too tight and difficult pull it back over the glans. Sometimes, this is a genetically inherited problem or could be because of infections. When you consult your circumcision surgeon, they will ask you to opt for the Circumcision Method surgery, which in most cases is the right solution to this problem as well as others like paraphimosis.

Preputioplasty: Sometimes, if you have a tight foreskin and end up forcing it over the glans of the penis, this may increase the risks of it sticking there. When this happens, this problem will lead to the narrow foreskin, which could require immediate attention.

The Procedure and the Recovery Time

The adult circumcision surgery takes as much as thirty minutes and it takes place under the effects of anesthetics by experienced surgeons. Through the sleeve resection method, the surgeon will snip off the foreskin and stitch the remaining skin with incisions, with dissolvable and medical sutures. Once the incisions heal, these sutures dry and fall taking their time.

After some days, your penis may give you the feeling of discomfort, but you should rest assured that it will be for just a few days, sometimes just two days. During the recovery time, your incisions may swell and you will feel some pain, but rest assured that this is all a part of the healing process.

After about two to three weeks, this will subside and complete recovery takes about six to four weeks. Rest assured that the adult Circumcision Method surgery is a safe procedure and before you opt to go under the knife, it is best that you consult your physicians nearby and choose a surgeon that performs the procedure well. Note that when doctors perform this surgery, it leads to low risks, so you should make sure that you conduct a thorough research on the best specialists in your area.

Take your time to consult your surgeon, ask them all the questions you have in mind, and be sure to choose the best Circumcision Method, expert.


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