Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Fashion

Basics to Use an Eyeshadow Pallet

Using makeup in a perfect way is itself an art which only good artist, I mean a perfect makeupholic can know. But never mind, anybody can learn and practice this amazing makeup art with the help of DIY tutorials.

Today I am going to discuss some amazing tricks and basics for using eyeshadow pallet that can help you create a flawless smokey eye look. Certainly, these tips are going to be very helpful for you.

First of all, I would like to suggest you take a pallet that has a wide range of all neutral colors as they’re easy to wear as compared to urban decay electric pallet or something with much bolder adventurous colors.

The main perk of taking pallet with neutral shades is, you can easily mix and match them. However, let’s jump down to our tips of the day!

Buy the Lightest Matte Shade

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It must have a fluffy brush, dip it into shade and coat the entire lid with that shade. Now, priming the lid is certainly something you can do, if you want this makeup your makeup to stay longer

While priming a lid, you can also use a long-wear concealer, or you can use something like MAC paint pot after you apply a cream, you might want to set it with a powder just, so other eyeshadows blend to seamlessly on top of that.

Another way is, take the lightest matte shade in the pallet, what I do sometimes is, I set it with a compressed powder but more often than not, I just take the lightest shade in the mate and dust it all over the lid

One thing you must look in a pallet is, typically pallet has color stories which companies tend to clump colors in their pallets in a way that suggests possible uses and meshing of those colors does. In other words, look for three to four clumps of colors, then see how easily those colors can work together. If you find a clump of colors, so stick with that color story, and use it to build your outlook

Get the Lightest Matte Brown

Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Fashion

Always go for the lightest brows shade in the pallet, this you said to be your transition shade essentially, so you ought to go for a light color. If you don’t go for the brown color, then go for the lightest matte shade.

Why I prefer brown, because it blends with almost every other single color. Figure the shade transition from the violet Voss White girl palette, take a tapered fluffy brush or any other fluffy brush which you have. Now, start right from the center of eyelid, start with very soft pressure first, then build pressure up as you go, and it’s a windshield wiper. Just touch it with skin and move like a wiper moving over your mobile eyelid

You can build up as much as you can.

Take 2nd Darkest Color Story – Matte Brown Shade in Outer Corner

This is going to be the start of your smokey eye, and it’s going to map out where your lip color is going go now. This part takes a little bit of practice, but you can do it in a slight sweeping motion inwards towards a lid and in a circular motion.

Touch the brush to your eyelid and move around in circles. Remember when it comes to choosing an eyelid color, then you have to choose a brush that is often known as a flat shader brush. This brush is short, dense, and pack a lot of color payoff.

The purpose of sharing these basics were to guide you the right way to apply eye shadow and how to give an elegant smokey look. These tips can help you get a flow, and idea to pick right shades for applying eyeshadow. Once this useful pallet turns into empty eyeshadow pallete, then it can be used for many creative or crafting stuff, and brushes can be used for painting, or cleansing stuff as well.

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