Data Science Certifications

Best Data Science Certifications to Uplift your Career

The pace at which data science is moving is inexplicable. Not a very long time ago, it was unimaginable for us to think how much could be achieved with the right kind and amount of data in your hands. But, with technological advancements and the birth of data science, everything that we did not imagine has become possible.

Today, data science is the largest and the most sought-after field with incredible employment opportunities to offer. The hottest jobs in the market are in this innovative industry which makes it the best bet for tech geniuses to build a lucrative career for themselves.

It is a deep aspiration of tons of young professionals to enter the ingenious world of data science, however, it is no piece of cake to do so. As data science is a multi-faceted industry which a complex mixture of programming, mathematics along with statistics. Therefore, to survive and succeed in a data science job, one needs to have a knack for solving analytically intricate issues by developing algorithms and using progressive technology.


That being the case, earning a job as a data scientist is a tough to hoe as you are required to deal with messy data on a daily basis, make sense out of it, construct questions that are needed to be answered on the basis of the in-depth analysis of large reservoirs of data, predict growth & upcoming trends along with revealing solutions to big-scale business challenges. And, it is not possible to do so without undergoing formal training.

So, to assist people in their quest for becoming a part of the data science domain, there is a strong gush of data science certifications that have been designed to spread useful knowledge of this subject and add credibility to your resume as employers hold the utmost respect for candidates who own relevant data science certifications. 

The Best Data Science Certifications  

  1. IBM Watson IoT Data Science Certificate

A famed & well-structured program, IBM Watson IoT Data Science Certificate is quite a course that shall look amazing on your resume for its reputed name in the market. This informative certification in data science is apt for those who are well-versed with coding and have a solid inclination towards math.

Data Science Certifications  

  1. Senior Data Scientist

One of the most popular data science certifications out there, Senior data scientist is a product of the Data Science Council of America that has been framed for ambitious big data analysts and technologists who are trying become eligible for the renowned field of data science by gaining robust technical knowledge. 

Data Science Certification

  1. Certified Analytics Professional

An excellent vendor-neutral certification, CAP is a communicative program that helps you brush up your skills as a data scientist. Once you own this data science certification, you will be a trusted, reliable data scientist with the ability to pull value out of unpleasant, complicated data sets.

  1. Cloudera Certified Associate – Data Analyst

This educative program in data science is appropriate for those who wish to showcase their talent as a data analyst or developer. Acquiring this certification can send a sign to employers that you are absolutely ready to tackle data related problems and take business insights from it.


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