Best Electrical Switches and Sockets that suit your new home attire

However, special care must be taken when preparing the electrical system of the house; To guarantee

We put a lot of attempt into sockets layouts for the house, such as architectural designs, furniture, water systems, and other elements, when we are planning the development or renovation of our dream home. 

However, special care must be taken when preparing the electrical system of the house; To guarantee that all of the house’s integral electrical wiring is completed safely and reliably, we employ the most effective professionals. There are multiple units involved in the electrical process of every home; however, the Electrical Switches and sockets in our homes appear to be the parts of any electrical system that get the least attention.

Norisys Switches and Sockets 

The Norisys home control range has a wide variety of low-voltage switches, extension sockets, and wireless solutions, making it one of the best options for switches and sockets for your home at the best prices in India. Norisys offers the Best Electrical Switches in the market that are perfect for your home attire. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Switches

Built to create an impact and deliver excellent performance, Norisys CUBE Series Switches are inventively designed to last long and enhance your walls. Experienced engineering is incorporated with the finest technology to provide top-notch quality, reliability and longevity in our switches. Be it in design or performance, we provide you with the Best Electrical Switches for home, office as well as industrial use. This smart Electrical Switches range is designed to keep the convenience and safety of users in mind. And most importantly, its contemporary design with dual orientation allows them to fit beautifully without disturbing the interiors of your space.

Norisys CUBE Series

CUBE Series is a modular product range which is designed to cater for the requirements of electrical installations in modern buildings and offices. 

The range includes switches, sockets, fan regulators & dimmers, hospitality products, communication sockets, acoustic and optical signalling products, cover plates etc.

Modules such as switches, sockets etc. are made in terms of the standard size and are mounted on frames. Front plates are available in a variety of colours, materials and finishes. The front plates of the switches and socket boards can be changed at any time without disrupting the inner wiring. 

The use of engineering-grade the most materials in Norisys’s CUBE Series products makes them extremely strong, suitable and sturdy with flame-proof qualities. The material used in these products possesses excellent electrical insulation properties and does not catch fire. This makes the products capable of handling higher operating temperatures. Engineering-grade thermoset material used at Norisys is usually used in industrial applications where a high degree of electrical insulation is required.

Norisys CUBE Series: Sockets

Engineers at Norisys developed a unique ring-shaped spring to overcome the frequently occurring problem of burnouts in power sockets. These sockets feature this ring-shaped spring to maintain a uniform pressure on the brass contact tubes. This pressure braces the plug pins tightly leading to a sturdy spark-free model, thus eliminating overheating and consequential burnouts. CUBE Series sockets are also child protected. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Fan Regulators & Dimmers

The exceptional bar-shaped knob soothes the eyes and goes well with the modern interiors, besides being ergonomic. The bar-shaped knob offers an easy grip and is much more comfortable to operate than traditional circular ones. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Acoustic & Optical Signaling Devices

For products like speakers for audio music, night lamps with dimming options etc, our team of creative professionals have innovated bi-material support frames in CUBE Series. These frames are made of a combination of steel and engineering-grade plastic. In this design, a steel structure is embedded into the plastic for Acoustic & Optical Signaling Devices. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Communiqué and Support Modules

Good quality data sockets are a prerequisite at all workplaces and homes because of increasing speeds in data transmission. Norisys communication caters to all types of telephone and data connections. Also, shutters for dust protection are provided in all data sockets. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Modular MCBs 

Norisys offers a tiny MCB which can be mounted like a switch. These MCBs are mounted along with switches, sockets, etc. Tiny MCBs are high-performing devices that offer advanced developments in electrical engineering technology for the protection of circuits and individual appliances. They are usually used for switching and protection of air-conditioners, geysers, pumps, heaters and other electrical appliances that draw high currents in home applications. These MCBs are also used to switch off the entire circuit in a room in order to save energy. 

Norisys CUBE Series: Wiring boxes 

Norisys offers a range of anti-rust stainless steel boxes as wiring receptacles. These boxes are made of stainless steel in order to prevent rusting, which is a common problem with wiring boxes, especially in geographical areas with high levels of humidity. The boxes are made suitable for Norisys products and provide sufficient space for wiring the products easily. Provision for earth connection is also featured in the boxes for maximum electrical safety. 

If you are looking for Electrical Switches Price List you can contact Norisys, the Best Electrical Switches provider. They have been in the market for a long time now and offer electrical accessories which will give a totally new feel to your home attire. 

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