Best Slovenian Skiing Destinations

Best Slovenian Skiing Destinations

If budget-friendly and unique is your definition of the perfect ski holiday, then Slovenia has much to offer. With a snowing landscape rivaling European heavyweights such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France, Slovenia provides tough and fun competitions across amenity-rich resorts providing all manner of slopes for every kind of skier. On that note, here’s a brief guide to the best Slovenian skiing locations:

  •  Bled Straza

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Lake Bled is a marvelous icy sight over winter as the waters charmingly freeze over transforming into a scenery of utmost beauty consisting of snow-riddled trees and white sandy slopes perfect for some fun on the snow. Bled Straza ski resort located nearby provides verticals of 645 meters across small slopes making it a great place to hone snowboarding and skiing skills. The area is also amassed with regal rooms and winsome cabins which provide accommodation as well as a soothing lineup of après-ski entertainment in the form of eccentric bars and vibrant restaurants.

  •  Kranjska Gora

Skiing DestinationsThis resort is perhaps the country’s most popular attracting international hordes year after year. It’s not hard to see why that is so as the convenient location along the Julian ranges ensures 18 different slopes with contours perfect for the average and novice skier. Kranjska Gora’s skiing prowess is further substantiated by the fact that it regularly plays host to high-profile competitions and events. Aside from frosty backdrops for all types of skiers, the resort also boasts world-class restaurants and bars as well as accommodation including 5-star rooms and ancient igloo villages.

  • Vogel

Lake Bohinj is the driving force that puts Vogel on the map with this panoramic water body taking on an icy exterior that not only provides breathtaking views but also an endearing makeshift rink excellent for some family action. The resort also has an abundance of off-piste for advanced skiers while its location atop the Julian Alps ensures plenty of natural snow alleviating the need to supplement with artificial varieties as is the case across most of the country’s resorts. Skiing Bohinj proves a two-in-one treat with fairytale settings served alongside mounds of enticing trails.

  • Golte

golte tour
The golte ski resort is counted in a category of the smallest Slovenia has to offer but it also ranks amongst the nation’s most beautiful. Poised gracefully above Mozirje town, it provides astonishing views of the nearby Karavanke Mountains and the Savinjske Alps. In terms of skiing experience, you can look forward to cross-country routes spanning 5 kilometers and family-friendly peaks totaling up to 12 kilometers.

  •  Krvavec

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Accessibility is not a concern with Krvavec resort as it is located just 25 kilometers off the country’s capital and is connected by a well-established transport network. Aside from unique ice bars and night sledding, the resort also offers a snow spark and a number of endearing ski runs excellent for skiing and snowboarding alike. The angle and quality of slopes are commendable, catering well to inexperienced first-timers and hardcore pros with an eye for the extreme.
Slovenia might be a small country but it is a nation where you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of topnotch skiing destinations.

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