Beautiful Flowers

Bizarre But Beautiful Flowers Of The World

Flowers are a beautiful creation of God. So, here is list of some flowers that are less known but beautiful .

No doubt flowers are a beautiful creation of God. The same God who created so many unique and wild things, showed his creativity while creating flowers too. Though generally, we get to hear about the common flowers like rose, tulips, and lilies. But there is a whole lot of list of strange looking flowers that are capable of catching your attention. No doubt they are beautiful, but their appearance is something that makes them unique. Raise your hand if you love flowers irrespective of their shape or smell. And because you love flower so much I thought you must be interested to know more about them and to purchase flowers you can get flowers delivery online.

Parrot flower

Parrot flower

Though its scientific name of this flower is Impatiens psittacina, It is called parrot flower because when in full bloom it resembles a parrot in flight. This rare flower is mainly found in Thailand and in some places in Eastern India.! Never seen this flower before? Don’t worry you’re not alone. The flower is not shipped to other countries as its one of the endangered species. The flower generally blooms in the months of October and November. Did you know that when the pictures of parrot flower started circulating, they were declared as photoshopped and were called off. 

Tiger faced flowers

Tiger faced flowers

The moon orchid or the tiger faced flower is one of Indonesia’s three national flowers. If you look the moon Orchid’s stripes closely, look almost exactly like that of a tiger! Usually, in nature, the appearance of the flower is evolved in a way to either scare off the predators or attract pollinators. Does that make you wonder too what kind of animals this lovely little flower is trying to scare off?

The Swaddled Babies Orchid

Babies Orchid flowers

The exotic swaddle babies orchids flowers are native to Colombian Andes of South America. The flowers have a large opening an opening in its upper part and look like a swaddled baby from inside. The tulip orchids also have a hinged lip, and their tempting smell attracts insects. The plant blooms in summer and its large waxy flowers grow 10 cm across.  Too cute, right!

Snap Dragon Seed Pod

Snap Dragon Seed Pod flower

Snapdragons or dragon flowers, it’s a unique plant that looks like the head of a dragon. If you squeeze the sides of a dragon flower, it appears as if the dragon is opening and closing its mouth. When the flowers die, it leaves behind seedpods that resemble a human skull. Ironically, some people believe that this plant is eaten to help restore youthfulness and beauty. In ancient times, people believed that this flower protects your house form curse and evil. Here is proof that flowers are a living creature.

Hooker’s lips

Hooker’s lips flower

The scientific name of hooker’s lips is Psychotria Elata. You don’t even need to guess why is it called hooker’s lips. A native of tropical rainforests of Central and South America, it’s practically not a flower. Actually, the bright red part of the plant that resembles lips is colorful waxy bracts, not petals. But, it remains in its kissable state only for few days, then opens up to reveal tiny, little yellow and white flower within. The luscious bright red bracts generally bloom between December to March attracting pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds. But due to deforestation of its habitat, the flower has landed in the endangered species list. I hope we don’t have to kiss this plant goodbye any time soon.

Dancing girls

Dancing girls flower

Impatiens Bequaertii is commonly nicknamed as dancing girls because of their unique shape. It is a very beautiful and extremely rare flower species. The flower acquires the shape of a tiny girl dancing in a skirt. It’s a petite plant appearing in pink and white colour. Its flower max outs to the length of half an inch. Dancing girls plant is a trailer and climbs up making a lovely addition to hanging baskets, but they are quite rare to find and is illegal to import as the flowers are a native to East Africa.

Dove Orchid/Holy Ghost Orchid

Native to regional central America, along with Costa Rica and Panama. One look inside this pure white flower reveals the beautiful structure inside it. It looks like a dove, sitting cozily in the center. Within the petals is an entire dove, with its wings raised with tiny pink dots and a tiny yellow beak. That’s what makes it a very peaceful looking flower.   

There is a full-fledged list of unique flowers in the world of floristry, and I have shortlisted some of the weird but unique and rare ones. If reading about flowers got you tempted to purchase some, order flowers online and admire this artistic beauty.

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