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How to Keep Your BMW in Good Health Throughout the Year

BMW unveils some of the best cars on the road, and with proper maintenance and service schedule, a BMW will continue to offer a high level of performance for years to come. However, even with the best car, driving causes wear and tear that should be closely inspected and addressed by a qualified BMW Good Health repair shop when the time comes.

The good news is that recent BMW Good Health models come equipped with advanced technology to tell you when maintenance is required. One version of this is the Service Interval Indicator. It keeps track of your next BMW service date and finds the scope of service required using iDrive. An indicator will literally let you know how many miles you before taking the vehicle in for its next service.

Newer BMW vehicles come equipped with an electronic, on-board Condition Based Servicing system which is connected to the dashboard iDrive monitor. This system lets you know when it is time to take the car in for servicing and maintenance. The green “OK” symbol displayed on the screen indicates the system check info is up-to-date and into health, while the yellow triangle icon suggests the listed components are due for servicing. Neglecting the service indicator lights can be risky for the engine and overall machine. And you can find yourself stranded on the side of the road or meeting an accident.

Hence, it is imperative to perform all scheduled and recommended maintenance on your vehicle to keep the machine running smooth. This further helps you avoid many untimely, inconvenient, and possibly expensive repairs that usually come from neglect. The system alerts owners about necessary vehicle maintenance so they can address the issues promptly and without hassle. Once the system is turned on, the driver knows automatically when it is time to schedule an appointment to take the vehicle in for servicing.

The system monitors cabin air filter, spark plugs, brake pad wear, oil life, the condition of the brake fluid, and more and duly alters the owners when the maintenance is required. Moreover, it prevents you from servicing unnecessarily. To put it simply, it’s all about listening to the car when it tells you it needs something. Once the dashboard display lights up, it’s important to schedule an appointment with you qualified BMW repair shop within the timeframe recommended.

Despite the system, there are few tips you need to follow to maintain performance and extend the life of your BMW Good Health beyond the car’s onboard data systems.

Check the Status of Your BMW Tires Monthly:

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First of all, it is important to check the status of your tires every month. While the car’s onboard Condition Based Servicing system will monitor the tire pressure, it won’t be able to recognize uneven wear indicating your BMW requires alignment.

Check the BMW Good Health Oil Every 7, 500 Miles:

Instead of changing the oil at 15, 000 miles, you must be looking to change it at every 7, 500 miles. Frequent oil change helps increase the lifespan of many important internal parts of the engine.

Check the BMW Engine’s Rubber Hoses and Gaskets:


While performing a tire inspection, open the hood to examine your engine’s rubber hoses and gaskets. Look for cracks or faulty seals that lead to diminished performance and potential breakdown.

Check Your BMWs Spark Plugs and Air Filters:

Also, newer BMW Good Health does not tell the owner when to check spark plugs and air filters. Spark plugs must be changed at specific intervals on each specific engine. The same goes true for air filters that need to be visually inspected at each oil change. These things won’t be altered by the vehicle, so it is imperative to bring the car in periodically to check the spark plugs and air filters.

Keep Your BMW’s Fuel Tank Topped up:



There are a couple of reasons why you should keep your fuel tank topped up. First of all, over time, the fuel pump becomes clogged from sediment in the fuel tank or stops working due to wear. Secondly, the fuel pump, which sends gasoline from the tank to the engine, is basically a small electric motor. As it is working for long while driving, it generates a lot of heat. The motor is allowed to become too hot, it will eventually fail. Fluids are an effective means of removing heat.

Come to Auto Body Shop Greensboro NC for all Your BMW Service:

Finally, only use the BMW Good Health recommended parts and oil for oil changes and repairs. Bring your vehicle to your nearby auto body shop Greensboro NC for comprehensive service and maintenance. The experts are qualified to inspect the parts and components and recommend the right service that can fix any of the issues mentioned above. They use only BMW factory parts while repairing your vehicle. Moreover, they treat the vehicle with manufacturer recommended Castrol synthetic oil to ensure a high level of performance.

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