Certified Translation Services

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Certified Document Translation work

A certified translation services is not just merely translating a word-to-word basis, but the translation also needs to satisfy the nuance of the target language; also, the original document needs to be communicated correctly to the end-users. 

These translations can also be done through online, for this they require all your credential certificates to be mailed through the email, maybe it can be a fraud site, or the accuracy of translation will not be perfect. So, it is better to go direct to agencies and make your translation crystal clear through the certified translator with no error and also Each of the Certificate of Accuracy is issued to the customer on official letterhead with the certification with the signature of the translator, date and along with the company’s stamp and seal by certificate translation services provider.

When do you need a certificate translation services?

certificate translation services work
  • For legal scenarios, for example, that includes the trial transcripts or any evidence that needs to be submitted to the government.
  • Immigration, for this, the documents that include are birth certificates, marriage certificates, and driving license.
  • College applicants, here it includes the educational documents of the native language like degree certificates, diploma.
  • Business and co-operate dealings, and it includes the visa, passports, bank statement, and medical records.

One can typically lookout for these pointers, for getting a clearer idea about your decision with a chosen certificate Translation Services provider:


Search and select an expertized and skilled translator. 
Individuals and companies that have multi-linguistic facilities for translation.
Turnaround, since legal papers are always required swiftly for any purpose.
Accuracy of more than 99% for its translation of your divorce papers.
Confidentiality and security maintained highly by the provider. 

Remember that the pricing and processing of your files vary depending upon the company.

Some of the documents need to be certified:

Certified Document Translation work
  • Academic transcripts / diplomas
  • Adoption records
  • Birth certificate translation
  • Curriculum vitae / Resumes
  • Driving License
  • Depositions
  • Divorce Decrees / Certificates
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificates
  • Green cards
  • Interviews
  • Passports
  • Visa applications
  • Local language bank statements.

Documents no need to be certified:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Safety manuals
  • Advertising copy
  • Marketing manuals
  • Cv’s and Resumes.

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