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Checks To Do When Your Oakley Sunglasses Purchased Online Arrive

After making a decision to purchase a pair of Oakleys
online, you obviously can’t wait to step out wearing them. Purchasing online
saves time and is very convenient but there are a lot of fake Oakley
sunglasses. Although you can do homework on the store before check out, the
actual check time is when the sunglasses arrive. You should know features to
look for to tell you have made a great investment. At a glance, here are simple
checks to ensure that you have bought genuine Oakley sunglasses.

Check origin

Oakley sunglasses come with “Made in U.S.A”
painted or engraved inside the arms of the frames. You have to keep in mind
that all Oakleys originate from the USA only. A pair originating from Taiwan or
China is obviously a replica, and not worth your hard-earned money. Never
hesitate to ship it back and get a refund.

Frame color

oakley sunglass colour

When your pair of Oakley sunglasses arrives, the never
hesitate to visit Oakley.com for a color comparison of the frames with the
product you have received. Genuine Oakley sunglasses have frames with easily
recognizable neutral metal tones. Fake glasses come with frame knockoff color
with a lighter shade compared to genuine products. This is because makers of
fake products apply paint on plastic instead of metal.

Oakley logo

Sunglasses drive girl

Genuine Oakley sunglasses online have a logo on the frame nosepiece. Rub a pencil eraser slowly over the logo to verify its authenticity. A fake logo slowly wears off revealing the screen printing method used to apply it on. The logo on genuine Oakleys doesn’t rub off easily but depreciates gradually. Additionally, Oakley sunglasses come with raised logo letters but never wear off easily.

Quality and weight

Real Oakley sunglasses have frames made of high-quality
plastics and metals. This gives these glasses heavier weight compared to fake
products made with cheap plastic and metal. Additionally, genuine Oakleys have
a frame with a lot of girths. Fake counterparts are made with cheap plastics
and metals like aluminum making them weight significantly less.

Look for stickers

No genuine Oakleys product comes with a sticker anywhere.
The manufacturer doesn’t place stickers on any of its product lines. Even when
purchasing Oakley prescription glasses, keep in mind that these come directly
from the factory-made to fit. These come from Oakley in a box with a warranty
card. This gives peace of mind that you have made a worthwhile investment.

Warranty card

The easiest way to ensure that you have purchased genuine Oakley sunglasses is the warranty card. Fake options come without the warranty card. However, check the card to verify its authenticity. Look at the serial number that should match with that etched into the right arm frame. The card should have a heavy feel made of quality plastic and bears Oakley’s customer service number. Other features to check on the warranty card include:

  • Transparency
  • Name of the frames
  • Frames manufacture date
  • Other warranty information

This warranty lasts 5 years but you have to verify and
activate the card by calling the manufacturer or mailing the card to them.

Check the nosepiece
and rubber

The company applies rubber on the nosepiece. This feels cushy and sticky, a trick that comes from the manufacturing process. Fake products come with a nosepiece 0that feels firm and plastic with a polished look. Genuine Oakleys have a rubber nosepiece with a soft feel and without seams. These don’t come with raised lines on the arms and around the frame.

Check ear socks

The ear socks on fake Oakleys easily slides on and off since
they are from cheap plastic. It might also result from a gap caused by
misaligned parts between the ear socks and frames. Genuine Oakleys have ear
socks that easily slides on and off when fully flushed to the frame. Fake
options have poorly cut ear socks that don’t fit in the frame.

Case and a cleaning

Expect your purchase of Oakley sunglasses to arrive in a
high-quality case of microfiber pouch. Any of these should have the Oakley logo
and absence obviously means the product is genuine. The package should include
a cleaning cloth in case your purchase comes in a hard case. For the pouch,
there is no cleaning cloth since the pouch itself serves a similar purpose. (inboundrem.com) The
pouch and cleaning cloth are from microfiber material ideal for cleaning
glasses safely.

Bottom line

Oakley sunglasses are for everyone. Luckily, you can shop
your pair conveniently online. However, you have to be smart enough to tell
that what you receive is a genuine product. After finding a reputable online
store, browsing through the products, and checking out, it is normal to wait
eagerly for your purchase. On arrival, never miss doing the above checks to
have peace of mind that you have received a genuine product.

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