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Top 5 Reasons Why Hong Kong is the Best City in Asia

There are many reasons why Hong Kong is the best city in Asia, there are things that make the city unique and special in lots of ways. Here are the top 5 reasons.

Hong Kong, a marvel to many is beyond a reasonable doubt one of the best cities in Asia, with a population of about 7 million, a collection of skyscrapers and by far the most beautiful skyline in the entire world. It is also one of the most visited places on the entire planet.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Hong Kong Asia is the best City in Asia.

Best business City in the world.

Hong Kong Asia

Hong Kong has been voted the best business city in the world, in 2015 and other previous years, and it is still the third most important financial city in the world. There are numerous banks including some of the world’s most redefined banks, which offer a wide variety of services.

Banks in Hong Kong Asia are among the world’s most profitable, all thanks to low costs and better asset quality. The large banks in the city have the ability to raise more money more cheaply than their competitors abroad.

Hong Kong is home to the world’s liberal economic systems with no trade barriers and easy trading environment. It is way simpler for foreigners to set up their business in Hong Kong as the city welcomes foreign entrepreneurs compared to other countries where setting up a business is no easy task.

Not only that, the city has one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

Amazing Theme parks.

There are numerous theme parks in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is by far the best with not only one but two parks crammed into one tiny city. It is one of the world’s top marine-themed parks with visitors from all over the planet. To make things even more interesting the parks compete during Halloween
festival and the winner is the scariest of them all. The parks are notorious for scaring even adults.

Transport rules.

90% of Hong Kong Asia’s population use public means for transport. The city is known for its sophisticated transport system from railways, little busses, big busses, ferries, tramway and even the subway with free Wi-Fi and they are all interconnected! Can you imagine that!? Even busses
have two floors with air conditioning for the summer. This makes the population is one of the least car-dependent in the entire world.

Cash free living.

You don’t need to carry money around while in Hong Kong. They have an Octopus card which you can use to pay for everything from public transportation, Vending machine sodas, KFC meals even 7 – Eleven impulse buys. The Octopus even comes in tiny sim-card size chips that can be integrated into
bracelets to look like lucky charms. All you need to do is just swipe, the Octopus is now a common verb in Hong Kong.

Crazy Infrastructure.

Hong Kong has a major total of 1302 skyscrapers, with the tallest being the 10th tallest in the world. Leave alone the skyscrapers Hong Kong Asia is home to one of the longest bridge. The infrastructure is basically crazy amazing. The city has one of the world’s best roads, bridges, and buildings.

Relax and enjoy the city.

But make sure to relax and unwind because while this is a beautiful and charming city sometimes can take its toll on you if you don’t take some time for comfort and relaxation. Thankfully the city is known for its relaxation spots such as numerous lounge bars, traditional Hong Kong massage spots and many more.

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