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Testing the CMP Trekking Shoe

Starting the CMP test with external appearance, the CMP shoes have a compact design, which makes them instantly desirable. They do not look bulky and oversized like much other hiking Trekking Shoe. In addition, they come in a nice, solid, color blocking style, which gives off a very youthful and bold vibe. The one I wore for this test was in mostly black with blue highlights in the shoelace openings and close to the heel. This helps to add definition and adds to the sporty look of the pair. There was another pair with magenta highlighting, and that looked cool as well. However, my absolute favorite was the pair with the mint and pink combination. Absolutely smashing!

The CMP Trekkingschuhe Test Details

Trekking Shoe

The terrain I chose for the CMP trekking Schu he test was a short hill outside the city and one that is popular with trekkers. The perfect site to give a professional test run to my newest purchase. It started out well and I enjoyed the feeling of wearing a new pair of trekking shoes. I also noticed that these gave some added cushion to my feet even though the soles are not thicker than other trekking shoes out on the market. Another good thing was that my feet stayed dry throughout the trek, even as the day got hotter and I was wearing cotton socks. All of this had to do with some special features in the CMP shoes, which I will discuss shortly.

CMP Trekking Shoe Details

CMP Trekking

A detailed CMP test shows that three things make the CMP trekking shoes waterproof and great for support while trekking – polyester, EVA, and TPU.

Let us break these down one by one. The makers claim that the CMP Trekking shoe is waterproof and we got the opportunity to test this on our test hike. It is true that the shoes are made entirely of waterproof material, which makes them not only tough on hard terrain but also genuinely waterproof. Even my socks were dry after the trekking Schu he tests, as I had been walking through puddles of water on the way. Not only the outside but if you look within the shoe, the lining and in-sock are also completely made of polyester and rubber, which blocks out all moisture from coming in contact with the skin or your clothes.

What’s Special about the CMP Trekking Shoe

CMP Trekking Shoe

MyCMPshoes are also made of special materials named EVA and TPU. EVA is mainly in the midsole, and its elastic nature helps to maintain flexibility in the shoe so that it mirrors the movements of the muscles in your feet as you walk. It also gives a nice cushion to the walk and makes the shoe flexible.

During our test, we felt that the CMP Trekking shoe was quite flexible and we managed to cover at least 1 kilometer without feeling any stress in the foot or leg muscles. TPU is a more advanced form of EVA, which offers extra elasticity and bounces to your step. This was a major difference that I felt when walking in these shoes. Throughout the test Not only did they feel more comfortable than some of my other shoes did, they were also reducing the impact against the ground. With each step, I was able to retain my energy and use it for the next step.



Additionally, these shoes are also made with special CLIMAPROTECT technology, which is there in the form of a thin laminate within the sole that helps to keep the water out. During my CMP test, I noticed that not only does it prevent the water from entering the shoe from the outside.It also helps to get rid of the vapors that collect inside the show. This was something that I witnessed work for myself in the trekking Schu he test. No matter how long I walked, my feet and socks did not feel damp or clammy at any time. This technology really works and it helped to dry up any sweat in no time at all. I was very impressed with this technology and this is my favorite thing about these shoes.



The grip is very important for any good pair of trekking shoes. The sole of the CMP Trekking shoe is made of a special material called FullOn GRIP. The manufacturers claim that FullOn GRIP is a special kind of substance that makes the soles of a more durable and robust design, giving excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces. Therefore, I paid special attention to this when I wore these on my hike for the CMP test.

Honestly, in the beginning, it did not feel like a great difference.However, as my energy went down over time, I noticed that it was helping me the grip on the ground was stronger than usual and it was helping me stay on course. It was able to support the uneven weight distribution of my feet against the sole and spread it out evenly on the ground. In this way, I did not falter or stumble even after more than an hour of trekking in the CMP Trekking shoe. Therefore, I would say yes, the FullOn GRIP is something that is commendable in the trekking Schu he test.

Testing the Strength of the Shoes

CMP Shoe

The last thing that I was very interested in the CMP trekking Schu he test was the strength of the shoes. Trips and falls are common during trekking and the shoes have to be strong to prevent any injury to the feet. The makers of CMP trekking shoes have used a protective board made of Kevlar to protect the feet against any shock, impact, or pressure.

Now, I know for a fact that Kevlar is an important ingredient in making tires and even bulletproof vests due to its ability to withstand high pressure. In fact, it is even supposed to be stronger than steel. So this intrigued me a lot and while I could not test this by deliberately tripping over my own two feet, I tested this by placing my foot under a heavy rock, once with an ordinary trekking shoe, and then with the CMP Trekking shoe. True to its claim, I felt less pressure on my feet when I wore the CMP shoes, and I attribute that largely to the Kevlar board.

The verdict of the trekking Schu he tests is definitely in favor of the CMP shoes, simply because they are good to look at and also very functional for what they are meant to do—offer safety and comfort on long treks on difficult surfaces.

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