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Benefits Of Buying Contract Phones In Dearborn MI

The general sentiment that you’ll find on the Internet is to get rid of your contract phone in favor of no-contract phone. The general benefits include more freedom and reduced cost in the longer run. However, an objective study reveals that Contract Phones do have certain benefits that you can’t simply overlook.

What follows are benefits of purchasing a contract phone in Dearborn MI. We believe that you’ll realize that Contract Phones aren’t as bad as they are portrayed to be once you’re done reading this.

Improved Customer Service Contract Phones

Customer Service

It’s not just a myth; the customer service for contract plans are usually better as opposed to the customer service that no-Contract Phones enjoy. It does make sense; you’ve agreed to commit to their service for two years, and obviously, they wish to retain you as a customer and will, in theory, go above and beyond to make sure that you’re happy with their service.

Enjoy Prioritized Network Service

Network Service

Who do you think is served on a priority basis when the data network is severely congested? The ones who have signed the contract, of course! While the difference is subtle, it is a difference nonetheless. A recent study confirms that contract customers are given priority when data network is congested.

You’ll Be Paying Less For Your Phone

When you go to a Verizon Store in Dearborn MI, you’ll be paying only $50-200 for a phone on contract. The same phone will cost you over $500 if you purchase it without a contract. Although the carrier recovers the money by subsidizing the costs via the higher plan rates, many people still prefer to opt for Contract Phones because they won’t have to pay a high amount upfront.

The contract becomes cost-effective when you’re considering family plans. Large family plans on contract can be cheaper as opposed to prepaid plans.

Enhanced Coverage

mobile Cover

Contract Phones have better coverage as opposed to no-Contract Phones. We recently tested with a contract phone bought from Verizon Store in Dearborn MI and a no-contract phone with a Verizon prepaid. As it turns out, the no-contract phone had limited coverage when compared with contract phone of the same carrier. If you have to be up and about and travel a lot, Contract Phones should be your choice.

Your Smartphone Is Insured

Sure you can find some insurance options from 3rd parties but signing up for insurance on a contract phone service is hassle-free, quicker and much more accessible!

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy with Contract Phones. Although one might debate on many of them for instance about the upfront cost and the long-term payments that you have to make we believe that it’s a matter of choice. Some might prefer paying upfront and being free from the contract whereas others might be more comfortable with monthly payments. We suggest that you don’t outright ignore the option of Contract Phones and do weigh in the pros and cons of Contract Phones vs. the pros and cons of no-Contract Phones before you purchase Dearborn MI.

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