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Disinfectant Online In India

Vooki the brand by 39 year old Pon Pure Chemicals Group has one of the best disinfectant surface cleaner in India.

All of us are now prepared to take necessary precautionary steps and live with the novel corona virus, a step towards normalcy.What goes with it is using mask,hand sanitizer and disinfecting our premises.While mask and hand sanitizers are for personal use, disinfectant cleaners are for all non porous washable surfaces. Though we many be familiar with it what most of us don’t know is how to use them correctly to have the disinfectant act at its best.

So what mistake do we do when we use a disinfectant?      

We use it like a cleaner. Its sprayed and wiped off with in seconds like a cleaning solution.If you refer to the user instructions it will let you know of the correct direction to use ,specially the contact time. When its immediately wiped we don’t let it perform thus not serving the purpose. If you want to keep away biohazards, recommended dwelling time or contact time should be followed.Some disinfectant surface cleaners work in 30 seconds some in 10 min, check it out on it. The duration of contact time doesn’t relate to its effectiveness; its composition matters.

Vooki disinfectant cleaner kills 99.9% germs, is biodegradable,skin safe, multi surface cleaner and is compatible with machine mopping.You can buy disinfectant spray online in India at ibuychemikals in quantities of 500ML, 5L, 25L etc.They require a contact time of 15 min and a dilution ratio of 1:50. There are also products which give lesser contact time for applications can’t afford to have longer contact. Check them out . We also specialize in industrial disinfectants and you can buy cleaning chemicals in India with just a click of a button.

Use the appropriate disinfectant and keep bio-hazrds at bay. 

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