How To Maintain Mink Eyelashes For A Long Period?

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Below a shadow of any doubt, we are obsessed with fake eyelashes. They are the trademark product! Because of their magical and transformative strengths, people are opting for falsies. It’s time to splash the cash for an extraordinarily gorgeous appearance. They are so voluminous and bold that they eliminate the need for mascara and touch-ups. A perfect thing for occasions and events where you want to make a statement. They never fail to make your eyes pop!

When it comes to removing the eyelashes, either you can go to the salon and get them removed professionally or you can remove them on your own too. Once they are taken off it’s crucial to clean them too.

The Best Way To Clean Your Falsies At Home

Did you know you can revamp the wholesale mink eyelashes? Yup! It starts by cleaning your falsies.

The following are the pointers of how to clean them.

– Remove the dirt and glue from the lashes but ensure to handle the band gently.


– Leave lashes in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.

– Remove them from the bowl and brush with spooler so they don’t go out of shape.

– Dry them with a napkin.

– Whoa! Your eyelashes are good enough to be reused.

What glue should you use?

Certainly, a good glue makes a huge difference! Do you think you are going to be happy with the false lash experience if they consistently keep on falling off? Not? Usually, they come in two colors (for both lighter and darker skin tones). Let the glue set on 3D mink eyelashes for a while before attaching the lash to your lid.

Always, always, always keep a spare tube of glue, eyelashes, and tweezers in your makeup bag whenever you wear falsies. The fix-it-kit is essential if you don’t want to stick while applying them. If you’ve been confused about false eyelashes I hope you feel more confident about your lashes now. It’s time to load up your lash line right away!


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