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Top 3 Secret Fashion Trends to Glorify Muslim Clothing

The first thing that strikes your mind is a number Nikah invitations are back to back and there’s nothing gorgeous to wear for the upcoming events.

Alhamdulillah, its 2020 and the mercury has dropped down rapidly this year and your wardrobe is still empty! The first thing that strikes your mind is a number Nikah invitations are back to back and there’s nothing gorgeous to wear for the upcoming events. Relax! Those who are still trying to figure out an authentic fashionable Muslim clothing to prep themselves for the upcoming Nikah parties, but couldn’t find one, check out a few ravishing parties wears with authentic Islamic look. 

Kurdish Aztec bridal gown: a perfect complement for a traditional Muslim wedding

There’s an enigmatic beauty in wearing traditional dresses. Most women are very much concerned about their looks when it comes to fashion. That’s one of the reasons why dressing sense matters them a lot. Choosing an Aztec Kurdish gown establishes an eye-catchy appeal in the party. One such look also adheres stylish look.  In a traditional Islamic wedding, Aztec gowns are perfect companions of fashionable Burkha folded around the neck.  The Aztec gown comes in different sizes and it’s a complete 1 piece set having ¾ sleeves and soft inner lining from inside to spill a gorgeous appearance. Be it a nikah party or a family gathering or a weekend party such kaftans suitably fit as traditional wear with a unique fashion sense. There are plenty of Aztec gown designs available online which complements traditional fashion trends for 2020.

Soft Burqa and Primrose Abaya with Royal Black Lace on the Sleeves

There’s a huge misconception among people about wearing burqas. That’s one of the reasons why modern fashion designers are trying to come up with modern innovative ideas of including hijabs with traditional Islamic clothing these days. Iranian abayas are one of the popular examples of one such fashionable innovation.  A cream-colored nidha with a light primrose colored abaya is a resplendent combination to compliment it as fabulous.  It can be easily put on with matching belt, can be worn opened or waist sideways closed and the linen quality is unbelievably durable. Leaving the traditional Islamic thoughts unharmed, the Emirati designers have kept the provision of buttons near the knee area.  They are a rare match with embroidered and plain hijabs, long farashas and usually come in (6-14 UK sizes).

Blue embroidered Irani styled Kaftan with Hijab

Matching Irani kaftans are always attention seekers in maximum parties. Colors are royal blue and royal black is always noticeable in maximum events. Iranian abayas come in different sizes, but its standard length is 56-57 inches. These full-sleeved kaftans are for both occasional and normal wear. However, there are multiple varieties of embroideries designed on kaftans to adhere it a unique bridal wear in Nikah seasons. 

These costumes are weaved wonderfully to coordinate with long outskirts. The embroidered designs at the front, sleeves and on the wrist openings make it suitable for party wear. The fabric is also soft breathable and easy to maintain. The Iranian style kaftans gained popularity quickly as a traditional Islamic dress as it compliments modern burkha fashion in maximum countries these days! 

Such a rare combination of modern and traditional looks is a must for your wardrobe in this wedding season! 

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