How to Apply for an Urgent Medical Loan

When we are in times of medical emergency, we may require an urgent loan.

When we are in times of medical emergency, we may require an urgent loan. But we often don't know the procedure, the documents required, and how to submit them. This article will help you to apply for an emergency medical loan in easy steps.

All individuals can apply for medical loans, whether salaried or self-employed. These urgent loans are subject to the lender's terms and conditions. You must provide a minimal document to apply for a medical loan in India. The funds from a medical loan can be utilised for any sort of medical expenses, including surgeries and hospitalisation costs.

Applying for an Urgent Medical Loan

GMoney medical emergency loan is easy to apply with quick approvals and disbursal of funds. It is an easy online process with less documentation. You even need not visit physically and have not to provide any collateral as security. These loans offer no-end use restrictions and help you pay for any type of medical ailment and services.

GMoney offers medical loans against your existing medical policy. The loan amount largely depends on your credit profile or your mediclaim cover.

To apply for an urgent loan, follow the simple steps below:

·        Login to the GMoney site

·        Enter your mobile number in the space provided

·        Enter your basic details like name, Pan Card number, Aadhar details, Profession, Monthly Income, and Bank account details.

·        Follow the steps to complete your KYC details.

·        GMoney, after confirming all details, will approve  your GMoney Card so that you can avail your medical emergency loan.

The whole process takes less than 30 minutes. If the Hospital is part of GMoney network, funds against your advance against Mediclaim will get transferred to the hospital on your behalf so that your treatment can start.

Applying for an emergency medical loan is critical, even if you have a health insurance policy. Many times, your health cover may fall short of required expenses. Or, you may need to pay for various out-of-pocket expenses during your treatment. There may also be a chance that the hospital of your choice does not fall in the network of your health insurance provider. In all these circumstances, GMoney medical emergency loan comes as a rescue freeing you from any financial burden.

GMoney Health Card

You can also consider applying for a GMoney health card. GMoney health cards offer a strong network of hospitals across India and can be used at multi-specialty hospitals for any type of medical treatment. You can pay for your medical bills with this unique digital health card even when you don’t have a health insurance policy.

GMoney Health Cards are free to apply, and there is no joining fee or annual membership charges. This card is issued in less than one minute and can be used for any type of medical-related facility, including surgeries.

How to Apply for GMoney Digital Health Card

Follow the simple steps below to apply for this card:

·        You can give a missed call on 7400 177 177 or send a message on WhatsApp at 96156 95156.

·        You will be asked to share your basic details.

·        Follow the steps to complete KYC.

·        Once verified, GMoney will issue a health card. From entering KYC details to card creation, activation typically takes less than 30 minutes.

·        You are ready to use your card and credit limit. You can also get a pre-approved credit limit based on your credit score and work profile.

GMoney offers emergency cash for treatment, even if the hospital is not part of the cashless network hospital list. The amount is directly paid in the hospital's account, freeing you from the worries of paying your medical treatment bills. 

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