Pillow Gift Box

How to Make a Versatile Pillow Gift Box?

Here comes a question in mind, why we need pillow boxes? Another question arises. Why do we call them pillow boxes?

Here comes a question in mind, why we need pillow boxes? Another question arises. Why do we call them pillow boxes? The answer to these questions is explained below, for the answer to these questions you need to understand the characteristics and features of the pillow shape box. 

  1. The name of this box is associated with its shape. Moreover, it could be designed in any material.
  2. Kraft, corrugate and cardboard are used for the production of pillow shape boxes.
  3. Small size cartons are used for the gifts packaging, candies, jewelry, and other fashionable items. 
  4. Such boxes have two closing sides, these sites are interlocked and create a sturdy structure of the box. These two sides retain the inside product safe and secure.

After understanding the shape of the carton, we are able to use this box as a gift packaging. Custom pillow boxes are available in various styles and shapes at https://packagingbee.com.

  • Sleeve pillow boxes
  • Window pillow cartons
  • Die-cut pillow shape product holders

Such shapes are attractive, appealing and up to the mark. This unique shape makes them different from others and grabs the attention of the customer. Because of the shape, these are the best use for the gifts when wrapped and decorated. 

Making a gift box out of pillow shape carton

Pillow Gift Box

Pillow shape is known for its shape, by applying finishing options the look becomes appealing, mesmerizing and up to the mark. Below mentioned tips are used to make pillow favor boxes. 

Add decoration

Add embellished items, and make the box decorative as per the aspects of the gift purpose. For birthdays, adding greetings and wrapping in the birthday paper is a good idea. In addition to this, ribbons, buttons, glitters and other decorative items are glued on the box. Gifts are highly decorative, appealing and unforgettable items, so these should be well décor. 

Make them appealing

Adding flowers, ribbons, tags, make them appealing, eye-catching and mesmerizing. This grabs the attention and makes the receiver curious about the inside gift. Usually, chocolates, sweets, and candies are packed in them. Furthermore, the catchy handy and convenient shape of pillow leaves a good experience in the hand of the receiver. 

Wrap them 

Gifts are always wrapped, glitters, paper sheets and PVC sheets are used to pack them. Taping, and hiding the inside gift by wrapping paper enhance the look and make them different from other non-gift items. So, wrapping and adding embellished items are mandatory for gifts. 

Add ribbons

The ribbon is used for the decoration; several types of ribbons are used for the packaging. Mainly, flowers, tulips, threads, and flat tapes are used as a ribbon. The look of the box totally changes just after the placement of the ribbon. 

Paint the box

For kid’s birthday’s the boxes are also painted in multiple colors, as per the requirement. Painting the year of birth, painting windows and writing any text on the box grabs the attention of the kids and feels them joyous.

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