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Remedying Hypertension With Health Supplements

Encountering Virulent Diseases Everywhere…

In today’s world, it is not unusual to find every second or third person that one happens to interact with (on a daily basis) to be afflicted by a mind-boggling array of debilitating and performance-impairing illnesses. With the onset of the modern industrial age, and its endowment of preservative-rich high-sugar, hydrogenated-fat and high-sodium ‘food’ offerings – that furiously compete with each other to inundate supermarket aisles the world over – this particular modern-day observation should not come off as a surprise to anyone (‘anyone’ who is familiar with the significant Hypertension Supplements health-damaging effects of the said eatable varieties, that is). For researching several credible online resources on this subject, consider subscribing to a reliable and high-speed Internet provider (like the Home Internet Providers in the U.S).

High-sugar (carb) foods are responsible for begetting an entire slew of inflammatory disease conditions as well as diabetes (a progressive health-crisis which many physicians are increasingly referring to as the ‘Metabolic Syndrome’), while foods stuffed with synthetic hydrogenated (trans) fats have been implicated in nearly every clinical study as being the main culprits behind arterial atherosclerosis (narrowing of the lumen space of blood vessels).Hypertension Treatment

Constant consumption of high sodium (salt) foods, on the other hand, has been categorically linked with rising blood pressure (hypertension) beyond the normal range. Many individuals nowadays, particularly those with an established family history of the above-mentioned diseases, choose to proactively resort to a diverse assortment of health supplements like Co-Enzyme Q10, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Magnesium – to check some of the early signs and symptoms of these conditions, and to prevent them from chronically deteriorating their life quality any further.

Addressing Hypertension Supplements – It Is Pathology &Treatment


In the medical community, Hypertension Supplements is often portentously referred to as the ‘silent killer’, owing to the disease’s hazardous tendency to rage-on insidiously in the background, with no overt signs discernible on the suffering patient.

Clinically speaking, any otherwise healthy adult with a blood pressure reading above 120/80 mm Hg (the normal systolic/diastolic pressure mercury reading) is considered to be hypertensive; with those falling in the 120-130/80-90 category referred to as being pre-hypertensive. In this B.P range, many dietitians and medical practitioners advise their patients to incorporate several lifestyle changes into their everyday routines, such as a strict restriction of daily sodium intake to below 1800-2400 mg, incorporating more potassium, magnesium and calcium-rich foods into their diets, and engaging in at least 30 minutes of constant, uninterrupted exercise (such as brisk walking).


They may also strongly be encouraged to shed some weight since many research trials have shown that even a small, 1-pound reduction in an obese individual’s BMI (basal metabolic index) correlates with an impressive decrease in mercury readings by 3-5 mm HG. Patients who report with chronic B.P measurements above the pre-hypertensive range are usually prescribed a range of pharmaceutical drugs like Beta-blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Calcium Channel Blockers and Diuretics (among others) to improve their overall cardiovascular health parameters – in addition to being advised the holistic lifestyle changes mentioned.

A few Important Considerations


Many individuals have a genetic predisposition towards greater salt sensitivity and may have to restrict sodium intake to levels further down the prescribed range – not exceeding the maximum tolerable dosage of 1.5 g/day. If left untreated or ignored, chronic Hypertension Supplements can lead to progressive organ failure, ocular (eye) damage, constant headaches/migraine attacks and fatigue, and may result in strokes, cardiac failure and/or eventual death with the passage of time.

For this reason, it is wise to have an accurate diagnosis (in lieu of the condition) made at the earliest and to start medicating oneself with appropriate doctor-prescribed drugs and health supplements on a timely basis.


Oftentimes, treatment with pharmaceutical options alone does not lead to achieving sustainable results in managing a patient’s blood pressure. In such cases, complementing their existing drug regimens with nutraceutical interventions can provide a substantial level of well-regulated and controllable relief – which suits patients well in the long run, and greatly increases both their lifespans and ‘quality of life’ metrics.

Contending Against High Blood Pressure With Supplemental Support


Some of the most commonly prescribed health supplements for improving blood pressure include Co-Q 10, Garlic, Magnesium, Potassium, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These can be purchased in over-the-counter (O.T.C) gel capsule, tablet, powder and liquid forms from most health stores spread across the country, and their bodily effects become noticeable after 1 week of consistent usage. When taken in unison, these health products work synergistically by considerably enhancing each other’s efficacy and functional time.

Some Hypertension Supplements also have a blood thinning/anti-clotting function, and so their consumption has to be forestalled a few days prior to undergoing any surgical procedure. Some nutraceutical substances like Co-Q10, L-Carnitine and Magnesium also command significant importance in the emerging holistic field of Energy Medicine/Metabolic Cardiology, since they play a pivotal role in increasing net ATP yields during cellular respiration.

Choosing Appropriate Health Retailers


When purchasing these bio-active substances, it is very important to obtain them from a quality manufacturer, which in addition to offering their diverse health products at highly affordable prices, also ensures stringent quality-assurance testing procedures during the production process. Reputable nutritional retailers not only sell individual Hypertension Supplements tailored for specific consumers but also combination products which feature complementing groupings of multiple-disease alleviating compounds.

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