We are living in the age of social media and this has changed the complete business scenario across the globe. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter and now even Instagram businesses are getting full advantages from them. However, a question still arises does business requires Wikipedia to drive audience in their site? The answer to this question is loud and clear ‘Yes’. Keep on reading to know how Wikipedia page of your business helps it in grow in a more effective way. How it can attract potential buyers? This piece is the answer to all these questions. There is another option you can hire wiki page creation service company or freelancer.

How notable your brand or business is?

In order to go for a Wikipedia page of your business make sure that your brand or business is notable. In simpler words, the goods or services of your brands should be well known or popular. Hence, prior to take action and create your brand’s Wikipedia page, there is something else to consider as well. You might want to have a look at guidelines set by Wikipedia for notability. Here comes the trouble: for a new start-up or small firm the factor of notability might cause trouble. Well, technically there are chances that editors of Wikipedia might merge a small business page with some other article. But it will not be having an individual business page. However, here are some tips that might be helpful in getting an individual business page on Wikipedia.

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The use of citation

Get the answer to this question. Is there any page or site on social media, online books, articles or any other publication talking your business? If yes and that particular publication is not owned or run by you then citations could be added. This citation will be added to the Wikipedia page of your business. Usually, editors of Wikipedia approve the pages with more citations in comparison to the pages with less or no citations. For better chances add about four free citations about the brand or business on its Wikipedia page.  

One important thing to keep in mind is that citations you have added in the page should not be unworthy. In simple words, the citations you are planning to add in Wikipedia page must have its credibility. For an instance, if a local media mentions about your brand it might not be considered. On the other hand, having coverage on National media would be considered as more worthy. Along with that citation from your business sites could also be used just to be careful while adding them. As your business website is not neutral or independent don’t forget to mention the homepage of your website.


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Achievements of your business

If you are thinking that will it be appropriate to demonstrate the business achievement on its Wikipedia page? Then the answer is yes why not. Your business might have won some award or recognition for some social effort, mention them on its Wikipedia page. However, take a bit careful about the worthiness of achievement. In other words, creating a Wikipedia page for your business will only make sense when it has done something worthy. Now when we have discussed important things regarding the creation of a Wikipedia page, let us move the discussion further. Continue from here, to know about some of the major reasons for creating a Wikipedia page.

Why is it important to have a Wikipedia page?

The biggest importance of having your business or brand’s Wikipedia page is that it might provide an online significance. Yes, when a business is having a Wikipedia page of its own, its importance increases online. The credibility of business increases for the potential buyers that approach you online. Exposure is very important in the market of such cut-throat competition. As IT revolution happened, buyers often go for online research before purchasing a good or service. In this case, Wikipedia proves its importance. Of course, it increases the impact and on the other hand things may turn out in an unfavorable way. If your business will not have a Wikipedia page and its competitor does have it, you lose.

 Wikipedia pages

The search engine optimization also gets assistance when you have a Wikipedia page. Keep one thing very clear that Wikipedia is considered a relevant source by Google. This means that Wikipedia is a trustworthy source on the internet and having your business on it may help. This help could also be an increase or long jump in the rankings of SERP. Along with that, the presence on the internet is also enhanced if your business has a Wikipedia page. As we all know Wikipedia is very first search results for maximum searches on Google.

Well, now when you became aware of the importance of having your brand’s Wikipedia page, you may go ahead. Now, you can create a Wikipedia page by following all the set guidelines and meeting all the standards. These guidelines or standards are set by the Wikipedia itself. It is highly recommended to keep looking at the responses of your business page on Wikipedia. These responses come in the form of comments by the editors. We hope you have learned why it is important. So If you want Wikipedia experts for hire you can easily find on google or any big freelancing websites.


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