Kid's Birthday Party

Top 5 Add-ons to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party at an Indoor Playground a Big Hit

There is nothing better than a birthday party for kids, however, for adults it can be a pressure as they want to make the day perfect for their little ones. Organ izing kids’ birthday parties have come a long way compared to what it used to be a few years back. Planning such an event can be a challenging task for the parents as it involves catering for a variety of aspects like picking the perfect birthday party venue for kids, hiring appropriate entertainment options, deciding on the menu, decorations etc. You can choose a party venue from a variety of options like theme parks, restaurants or even indoor playgrounds in Singapore. These playgrounds serve as the perfect venue for organizing a birthday as they are prepared with equipment of highest standards while providing adequate safety for the kids. To make the party more fun and entertaining for the guests, you can add on various entertainment options.

Top 5 add-ons to make the party a big hit:

  1. Temporary tattoo artists
  2. Magician
  3. Dessert table
  4. Mascot visit
  5. Indoor playground coupons as return gift
Glamping party

1. Temporary tattoo artists– You can hire a temporary tattoo artist as these are quite popular among kids. They are pain free, look real and stays on for a few days. Kids can get a tattoo made of their choice which will make them stand out from others. This is sure to attract a lot of participants and will make the party an instant hit. 

2. Magician– Magic always fascinate children as well as adults. You can hire professional magicians who are trained to read their audience and hence, device their entertainment acts based on the crowd mix and their responses. A magician will add the element of mystery and surprise to the party.

3. Dessert table– Everyone loves sweets. So, setting up a dessert table with delicious cupcakes, treats, chocolate dipped marshmallows, cookies etc. can add to the party decoration and enhance the overall theme. 

4. Mascot visit – Arranging for your kids’ favourite cartoon or movie character to visit for their birthday is another great option to make the party a big hit. There are several party mascots available who can add an extra entertainment element and give the kids a chance to interact with their favourite heroes.            

5. Indoor playground coupons as return gift – if the guests had a wonderful experience on your child’s birthday, then playground coupons can be included as a part of the return gifts. This coupon will allow them to come back again and have fun.

Your child’s birthday party is a special event and he or she would want to be the centre of attention by spending time with friends and family. So, selecting a unique, colourful and fun-filled destination will make it the perfect birthday party venue for kids. Indoor playgrounds in Singapore offer the perfect environment to keep your children safe from any injuries and they also ensure to make your child feel special. They have professional party coordinators who will assist you from start to finish in planning and customizing the party. If you find this whole party planning stressful, you need to remember that you are doing all this to put a smile on your child’s face. So, do not let this stress take over you. Make sure to enjoy with your children and let them make memories of their special day. 

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