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(The Future of SEO) Basic SEO for Mobile Website

According to the latest statistics revealed from Google, 63% of current searches come from Mobile (even more than Desktop).

According to the latest statistics revealed from Google, 63% of current searches come from Mobile (even more than Desktop). As the number of smartphone users continues to grow, Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of searches via Mobile will be even higher and that makes us have to come back and review again whether our SEO for Mobile Website is good enough or not.

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When talking about doing SEO for Mobile, many people may have questions that arise in the head that. How is it different from SEO for desktop websites? 2-3 years ago I was also curious about this.

Because at that time still confused that the website Regardless of whether it’s displayed in Desktop or Mobile, it’s not the only website. Why do you need Mobile-SEO?

Explain like this Due to the different context of using the device, the behavior of website usage in Mobile is different from the behavior when they use the website in Desktop.

Whether the screen size is smaller, the speed of the connected internet may be slower, different user interfaces, and the convenience of using the mobile website may not be the same as when using a desktop.

These reasons lead to differences and, of course, when there are differences, it’s not strange that Google can notice and try to improve their search algorithms for good user experience.

The most with searchers it’s not uncommon that sometimes a website that ranks well in Desktop but does not rank well in Mobile.

Below are some things you should do to get good results in your Mobile SEO

  • Make Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • Reduce Page Load Time to a minimum
  • Local SEO is the future that is often talked about
  • Short Keyword was born for Mobile

Make Mobile-Friendly Websites

Time Out of a Website that Must Be Stretched to Expand You probably don’t have to explain how much Mobile Friendly website is so important to SEO in Mobile. It’s so important that Google will add the term Mobile Friendly to the website that is easily used in Mobile.

If you use WordPress, Joomla or other CMS trying to use themes that support Mobile-Friendly can greatly reduce SEO. Mobile-Friendly Test can be done easily by yourself via Google Webmaster Tools:

Reduce Page Load Time to a minimum

Initially, the website loading speed is already important. But it will become even more important when doing SEO on Mobile because Google is quite serious about the time it takes to launch a website.

(If looking at various statistics that people tend to close the website when the website loading time is too long will understand why Google is so serious about it.)

I have seen educational experiments outside of Said that the website loading time should be less than 4-7 seconds. Personally, I have one principle and always say that this is the website that will have to website load quickly, even on the days of 3G, 4G data. (When talking about speed, try studying Google AMP)

Local SEO is the future that is often talked about

Local SEO has become a hot topic in the international SEO industry. It is called the google Rank Brain Challenge. At first, I still wondered what Local SEO is so important.

Really? It’s just a matter of location. Really? Having said that, I’m personally more inclined to focus on google Rank Brain. But after careful study, I found that Local SEO is a very interesting SEO concept.

Due to the behavior of mobile searchers on many occasions searching for places or destinations they want to go or searching for things around them.

Such as searching for restaurants around you Search for a destination or even searching for maps of various store branches. Local SEO education is therefore very important (In the next article, we will talk about Local SEO. Need to write a lot)

Short Keyword was born for Mobile

Because searching through smartphones, people do not use keywords for very long words. Should focus more on the short keywords. But do not be confused between short words and wide words. Because these 2 things are not the same.

Short keywords may have specific meanings, such as “Paleo Diet “. This word is a short keyword that has a specific meaning. Compared to “delicious Pizza”, this word is also a short keyword but the meaning is wide in the ocean. Unable to guess the searcher’s intent

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