Worn Out Tyres

3 Reasons Why You Must Not Drive on Worn-Out Tyres

Worn Out Tyres: While driving on a bald tyres, it’s simply a danger you are dealing with. You can’t simply wait for an accident to happen especially if you really love to drive fast on the slippery road. Contrarily, even if you are not a wheel maniac, procrastinating the tyre replacement and getting closer to the dead ends with slow drive is still not a smart move. As per the study conducted by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, 26.2% of the crashes are due to the insufficient treads. If you are not convinced yet, don’t worry we have more to feed you with. Just read on;



It occurs when a thin layer of water enters the road and tire surface. In that case, the tire loses its grip, which leads to the car spinning out of control. It would be great if you incline more towards the modern tyres as they have deeper grooves that at meant to channel the waterways from tyre. Moreover, there are numerous car tyre deals that are offering better tyres more able to have a firm grip on the wet roads.

With the tread wearing away overtime, the grooves of your tires get much shallower that makes it less effective especially in the wet roads. In short, the balder is more prone to the risk of hydroplaning. So just beware.

Heat Buildup Worn Out Tyres

It’s pure physics! While the tyre rolls over the surface, it creates the friction between the road and tyre. As per the universal scientific rule that you studied in your secondary classes, Worn Out Tyres, friction creates heat. The faster you drive, the more heat your car tyre needs to withstand. If the tread depth is low, the air flow gaps (grooves) are shallower.

Although, the tires, nowadays, are manufactured to withstand more heat but it also has a limit. Therefore, the heat is more likely to spike to an unsafe level with the low tread depth. As a result, the tyre will blowout and the burst while driving is extremely dangerous.

Losing the Air Pressure

loose car Air Pressure

Nobody like the flat or frequently deflating tyres. If your car is wearing the worn-out tyres, it’s most likely to lose the air pressure even if you are consistent with the regular tyre pressure check. In fact, the tyre with low tread lose the air much faster than you anticipate. There is a significant increase in the risk factor if you tyres get underinflated frequently. Moreover, such tyres won’t be able to grip the road properly and also they will consume more fuel that will degrade the fuel efficiency of you vehicle.

In some way or the other, you are facing the consequences and paying extra due to low tread depth. Moreover, the low tread depth can make it harder for you to steer and things get worse in the dry conditions. The braking can cause the car to skid when you push the brakes suddenly. Precisely, you get to face an inefficient drive, risk factor, extra fuel consumption and complete package of migraine just because of the low tread depth. It’s time for you to consider the car tyre replacement if that’s the case with you.


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