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PeopleHR India is well known as the best Performance management system India. it is provides you with multiple features in one HRMS with total safety.

Every company has a fixed standard to check and process employee 

performance appraisals. However, doing this work manually can be time-consuming. 

Hence, the PeopleHR India performance appraisal system will never let you forget 

any appraisal. With PeopleHR India performance management and performance 

appraisal, you can easily check every employee performance parameter and set the 

appraisal patterns, and PeopleHR India performance appraisal management will get 

the work done for you! 

PeopleHR India offers you the best features like: 

Setting appraisal values: Easily set appraisal values when the employee joins the 


Performance review: Quickly check the performance review and move the data 

ahead for appraisal. 

Adding an appraisal to the logbook: Add the employee appraisal to the logbook in a 

single step and move the same to the next step. 

These steps are easy to navigate and save you a lot of time. PeopleHR India is all 

about being error-free and accurate. Less manual work and more time to relax!

Conclusion : 

1. PeopleHR India is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. It’s us giving 

you the stuff we never had but wished we did. It’s a revolution, and we’re proud to 

have started it. 

2. We are a unique yet friendly HR system software that has transformed human 

resource management software to its core for better and flawless performance! 

3. It is built to simplify your daily HR activities for a transcendental experience in 

your daily work activities! 

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