Residential Dumpsters vs. Commercial Dumpsters

There are many types of dumpsters available, depending on what they are used for and whether they are commercial or residential.

There are many types of dumpsters available, depending on what they are used for and whether they are commercial or residential. Here, we'll go over the different types of dumpsters as well as their uses.


Residential dumpsters

As the name suggests, residential dumpsters can be used in residential settings.

A roll off dumpster rental Lancaster PA carries a variety of dumpster sizes to ensure that you have the right dumpster for your job. These professionals have the right dumpster for you, whether you need one to declutter your home, one to renovate your bathroom, or one to empty the home of a family member who has died.

These dumpsters are perfect for residential projects. They are sized and designed to fit a standard residential driveway. Despite their smaller footprint, this design allows them to offer greater volume.


Commercial dumpsters

You most likely picture commercial dumpsters outside of local businesses, such as restaurants. These are intended for regular emptying and collection by waste management companies. These dumpsters are often equipped with wheels and lids that can be easily moved.

There are two types of commercial dumpsters.

Front-load dumpsters. A front-load garbage container is one that can be emptied from the front into a truck for waste removal. The top is usually sloped to allow trash to be dropped into it. It also has openings that allow a truck to push its prongs up and raise the container. Because of their compact design, front load dumpsters can hold up to 8 cubic yards of waste and have a slanted front, they are an excellent tool for daily waste management.

Rear-load dumpsters. The rear load dumpster is designed with a sloped back and extended poles. To dump the contents of the dumpster into a truck, the hinge-and-winch method is used. The truck hooks on to the rear load dumpster manually and pulls it up so the trash can fall in. Because of their rear slope and height, it is a bit more difficult to empty trash into rear load dumpsters. However, they can hold more waste, and the taller design allows for easier emptying.


Local businesses can also use roll-off dumpsters for many purposes. Because they are available in many sizes, they are a staple at renovation and construction sites.These dumpsters are used by office-based businesses because of their ease of loading and hinged doors. They are also great for getting rid of large quantities of paper and other materials.

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