Ten Things to Know about Singapore Grand Prix

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Singapore Grand Prix

The glory of motorsport highlights has been going magnificently well at the moment as the magical freeness of Formula 1 is reaching towards Singapore Grand Prix the finishing line.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is leading the line, with 256 points, after 14 races. On the other hand, Sabastian Vettel is going hard after winning five races, which helped him to collect 226 points and assisted the German to make fantastic motorsport news.

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The 15th F1 Singapore Grand Prix Prix is set to take place in Singapore on the beautiful track of Marina Bay form 14 to 16 September.

The very happening GP has had something to offer. Such why it is perfect to know ten things about one of the best motorsports events—-‘Singapore Grand Prix.’

10: 2008 – Golden Year

The year of 2008 became the golden one as far as implementing sports car racing is concerned. The Federation of F1 agreed to make a 5-year deal with the alliance in Singapore. Moreover, the glorious motorsport news came that the racing track would offer 110,000 tickets. Having that such capacity to offer created a motorsport highlights to remember for every stakeholder assisted with this sport.

Even for the preparation – the fans from the Asian nation did their level best to make this race a perfect motorsports event, which has had been regarded by many followers of this game.

9: Singtel – First Sponsor 

The telecom brand of Singapore Grand Prix Singtel became the first sponsor of the amazing sports car racing track. In the future, many sports will come and go. However, the worth of this motorsports event would always be associated with the first one as giving the backing initially helped the tour to make some great motorsport highlights for the fans.
At that time, this sponsorship update created a huge motorsport news in the country. To hit the ground running is too important for the event form the very start and this sponsorship deal did the same business.

8: Nighttime legacy

Never before had the world of F1 saw the cryptic motorsport highlights which covered the nighttime race. However, the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix had shown its sports car racing aroma at nighttime. Not just it’s started a new motorsports event. At the other end, created a big motorsport news in the brick-and-mortar world of F1. Getting the sharpness of night was so important for this game. And the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix became that vessel of glory. Now in Tokyo too, the fans are watching the night races. For this amazing contribution, all thanks go to the upcoming F1 performing track.

7: Fernando Alonso – First Champion

Every F1 driver holds the aim to create motorsport highlights after winning the first race on any new track.


The year of 2008 became one such for the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, who will say goodbye to the world of F1 after the last race in this year, as he managed to produce a big motorsport news by winning the track like a leopard. Former WC then again won the shot at the same mortar sports event in the year of 2010, which produced a great moment for him in the history of sports car racing.

6: Sebastian Vettel – Special One

Other than Fernando Alonso – the German international Sebastian Vettel to create many moments to remember at the very motorsport event as he won the race four times, which is more than any other driver. The years of 2011, 12, 13 and 15 were the ones that helped Vettel to make granger motorsport news around the globe.

There have had been many moments to enjoy for Vettel in his career. However, the created motorsport highlights in Singapore is next to impossible, in terms of achieving it again, for the 31-year-old giant from Heppenheim, West Germany.

5: European Dominance

As far as describing the track of Marina Bay is concerned, other than European drivers no one has ever won the race in the past 10 seasons.

The 2016 F1 Champ Nico Rosberg is only one to enhance motorsports highlights just once. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso produced the same motorsport news twice or more than twice. Daniel Ricciardo forms Australia could try his best to become the first one outside Europe to win this motorsports event in the universe of sports car racing, which would be a great achievement for the 29-year-old from down under.

4: 100,000 – Best Average Attendance

Other than 2008, never had 100,000 fans came to see this sports car racing. From the initial angle, it was a great news for this motorsports event. On the other fence, having the average of 80 to 90 thousand is not a big gap; not also a small one at the same time. Some might say that in the first year, it was a big motorsport news. That is why that such a person came to see the stars.

3: 2017 – Extension year

The year of 2017 was a huge set of relief for the governing body in Singapore as the core organization decided to extend the race until 2021. Indeed, this update assisted the people of Asia to have some more times to feel the magic motorsport highlights in the coming years also.

2: Same layout

There have had been three changes in the track during the past 10 years. Still, the basic track layout is the same. The credit goes to the engineers for thinking about the future.

At the time of making a map, it is so impotent to think about the roadmap after 10 years. In this case, this F1 racetrack earned 10 out of 10 numbers.

1: Champions are Winning – Last Two Years

Nico Rosberg won the race in 2016 and earned the tag of the champion. In 2018, his partner Lewis Hamilton did the same. Other than Hamilton and Vettel – Alonso must be hoping to finish the journey with the victory.

What do you think fans?
Who will be the Champion of Singapore in 2018?


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