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SMBS are Continue to Struggle for SEO

Few ares you have to look into if you are a Small or medium sized business and you have a listing in Google my business. We have discussed few things in this article

My family doctor moved his office to a new location but never cared enough to update his listing on Google Map, Apple Map or even in his website. Although, I did it for him about a year ago, yet on my way to his clinic in this fine morning, not only his previous location was back on Apple Map, but he had also decided to change the business name, perhaps due to SEO reasons. Surprisingly, he didn’t update the same either on GMB or Apple Maps listing. When I mentioned this to his receptionist, she said: “I don’t have any idea about that.” Thus, I signed with relief.

Voice Search Played a Vital Role

Voice Search

Searching for information or even buying stuff online is typically based on voice search nowadays. Apart from allotting default apps for conducting such search on virtual assistance, the prime focus is still to get the position #1 or #0 on SERP. Of course, for local businesses, you will definitely want to be on top for relevant queries. If there’s an app, for instance, Apple Map, Yelp, etc. that gives that position then you need to be #1 in those apps.

Google My Business Post is at Pick

Since the inception of GMB post, we have been calling it’s the biggest gift to SEO agencies. With the help of optimized small content, you can appear on the GMB/Knowledge panels which are surely suitable for attracting clicks. Expert GMB Posts are an essential tool for most SEO packages until Google disapprove the same later this year.

Retailers are Likely to Invest More in Local SEO

Local SEO

Google will continue to structure SERPs with ads and owned/operated content, for instance, GMB post, these are making the process easy for all brands to boost up the ad spent. Sooner or later the multi-location brands will prefer to invest more in Google ads rather than buying their customers every week.

Links are Still Important in Local SEO Budget

SEO Budget

There are end numbers of ways to publish contents about how to get a dragon tattoo to cover a scar with before and after photos. But surely, over the time you will definitely need a link or maybe a few of them.

Local Listing and Review Management will be Strong

Business is turning into a commodity and the need for owning the customer relationship from various locations has become important. Most of the global business giants are joining hands with Yext Brain and so on. Hence, any big agency operating in multiple locations they are going to need this functionality.

It wouldn’t be a Surprising If Review Management Agencies Gets Obtained

Online review management is sort of listing management of a commodity. Also, it’s a great way for multi-location brands to grab more of your service.

Apple Maps Will Surely be the Biggest Local Search Engine Platform

Search Engines

Apple made a big change in regards to their new map platform in 2018 with more details. Ever since the inception of Map Connect, the feature of managing the company’s Apple Maps profile has barely changed. Though I find it useful, yet most tend to criticize it, Eventually, Apple will realize business entities and agencies can actually help them make the map a better platform.

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