Solid Timber Flooring: Give a Boost to Your Overall Home Decor 2019

Hardwood and solid timber flooring furniture give a distinct appeal to your home. If you are eyeing for traditional home design and furniture upkeep.

Timber flooring or wooden flooring looks aesthetically rich and brings pastoral vibes. Timber is highly sought after by smart people because it is easy to clean aside from being lightweight. Timber floors not only accentuate the beauty of your house, but they also have superior insulating properties. Hardwood flooring is generally costly, but it is of great variety and the polish and the color, if sustained for long, gives a more distinct flavor to your home decor.

In Solid Timber flooring, timber is used in its truest and natural form so that your house delivers a lifelong satisfaction. Solid timber floors come with robust benefits besides looking warm and eye-catching. When solid timber floors start becoming dilapidated, they can be re-sanded and coated to bring back its original beauty.

Solid Timber FlooringSolid Timber Flooring

What are the types of Solid Timber flooring?

You can choose from multiple color options and grain patterns in timber to make your home look perfect. However, below are the two basic types of timber flooring that are usually done.

1. Hardwood flooring:

Solid hardwood floors are made of planks extracted from a single piece of timber. The main highlight of hardwood flooring is that they are more durable than their softwood counterparts. The trees that the hardwood materials are harvested from growing way slower, but the density increases rapidly thereby enhancing their durability. You should opt for solid hardwood flooring because they are more resistant than engineered wood. Hardwood varieties like rosewood, mahogany and Sheesham wood are varieties that are in high demand owing to their resistance power and how they are strong and durable enough to withstand pressure.

2. Softwood flooring:

The trees like Pine, Fir, and Cedar are the contributors of softwood materials. These species of trees are easily harvested and have faster growth. Also, there are copious amounts of the trees mentioned are found hither and thither. Refinishing them seems harder too as sanding machines can rapidly create low spots. Irrespective of these major setbacks, we must say, softwood flooring has the beauty of its kind.

Why Solid Timber Flooring is Easier to Clean?

Solid Timber flooring will require fewer chemicals to clean them, presumably, a swivel mop or sometimes a non-aerosol spray will suffice. These are also easily cleaned by using vacuum, scrub or shampoo because solid timber flooring doesn’t accumulate dust and fume like carpets. Furthermore, this kind of flooring doesn’t grow mild in the grout like tile. Very scanty amount of chemicals can bring the glassy shine back in your timber floor.

How Timber Flooring is Environment-Friendly?

Wood is a natural product and it bears no harm in the environment as compared to steel manufacturing which releases 40 times more pollutants in the environment whereas concrete releases 6 times more and brick four times. The cellular structure of wood captures air and thus wood has great insulating properties. Hardwood keeps the traditional homes cool, and it also imparts a distinct taste of elegance to your furniture.

How Timber flooring is cost-effective?

You can save yourself a significant amount of money in case you are opting for Timber flooring. The Timber products are considerably cheaper, and the prices start at around $25/m2. However, upon seeking high-end professional help for installation of your Timber flooring, it may cost you around $30–$40/m2, including underlay.

Solid Timber Flooring
Solid Timber Flooring

Hardwood and solid timber flooring furniture give a distinct appeal to your home. If you are eyeing for traditional home design and furniture upkeep, then hardwood can be your best option. If you want to choose the furniture for your drawing room or for your bedroom designs, you should be sure of their regular upkeep, especially dusting them to keep them glossy always.


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