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Education is an inevitable for the progress of the society. It is the dream of every child, irrespective of their socio-economic background to receive education.

A society’s progress directly depends on the ability and skill of its human resources. And education plays a key role in creating generations of able and competent citizens. Education has the power to change the entire landscape of a society by making it sustainably prosperous. While every family wants their children to be educated, economic disparity creates a gap in who gets the opportunity to receive education and who doesn’t. In an effort to bridge this gap, many government schemes and NGOs have scholarship for poor students. These schemes and scholarships support them to complete their education and pursue their goals. 

Vidya Chetana – A Scholarship Program for Higher Education

An initiative of Youth for Seva, Vidya Chetana was launched in 2009. The objective of this initiative was to support education of children hailing from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds. This includes children hailing from challenging financial backgrounds, specially-abled children, and children who lost their parents during COVID-19 pandemic. This NGO scholarship for poor students supports higher education in the fields of PUC (10+2), Degree, Engineering and Medical Courses. In the past 12 years, Vidya Chetana Scholarship Program has supported education of 5,775 students across 10 States of India.

Stories of transformation 

When you sponsor a child’s education, you not only help the child to receive education, but also uplift his or her entire family. You empower students to achieve their goals in life that enables them to break out of the shackles of poverty and lack. Their success significantly impacts the entire family too. And as resourceful individuals themselves, they know the importance of education. So, they not only educate their children, but also contribute towards education of less privileged children. This creates a ripple effect, ultimately resulting in generations of educated, resourceful, self-reliant citizens. With the support of over 3,000 generous donors, Vidya Chetana was able to support education of many students. Below are two success stories among the thousands of students who were able to attain their ambitions:

  • Sahana, a BTech Graduate from Presidency University, Bengaluru and a Vidya Chetana Alumni says, “The scholarship I received from Vidya Chetana helped me to complete my final year BTech, following which I also secured a placement in IBM. I am extremely grateful to Vidya Chetana for helping me achieve my goal.” 
  • Yathish K.S., a B.E. Mechanical Graduate from RVCE, Bengaluru and a Vidya Chetana Alumni says, “I could complete my Engineering only because of the scholarship I received from Vidya Chetana. After completing my studies, I immediately got a placement in DXA Technology. I am thankful to the team of Vidya Chetana for supporting my education.”

Be a part of Vidya Chetana’s mission

Presently, there are 1,500 students waiting to receive scholarship so they can pursue their higher education. Your contribution towards this NGO for education will help these meritorious students to complete their education and step towards their goals. The many ways you can support are:

-Donate online to sponsor a child’s entire academic year or an entire course. 

-Collaborate with Vidya Chetana as a CSR partner and give back to the society by enabling education for meritorious, but socio-economically disadvantaged students. 

-Conduct a fundraising campaign and multiply your support.

-Make your special day more special by contributing to educate deserving students. You can choose to donate on your birthday, wedding anniversary, festivals, as well as on days of national and international importance like Children’s Day, Independence Day, World NGO Day etc. 

What’s in it for you?

When you donate for education,

  • You utilise your power to empower students with education.
  • You become the Agent of Change. 
  • You receive regular updates about the progress of the student you have sponsored.
  • You receive tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. 

Your contribution allows Vidya Chetana to continuously support education of deserving students. So, donate generously and help students to step towards a desirable future. 

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Vidya Chetana Scholarship Program is an initiative of Youth for Seva to support higher education of socio-economically underprivileged children. Your support will help children wanting to pursue PUC (10+2), Degree, Engineering, and Medical Courses. Your contribution towards Scholarship Program will help children continue their education as well as qualify you to receive tax exemption on your donated amount (₹500 & above). 

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