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Do Best Things ComeIn Small Packages? A Scientific Research About Tall People vs Short People

Height is a biological trait that is not in control of any individual yet it has great influence upon the destiny of a person. According to CareCalm, “Nutrition” plays a significant role in the development of an individual so when a person eats healthy, the vital nutrients plays their role in providing the body mass and tall stature Tall People vs Short People.

Dominance, health and intelligence are associated with tall height. This is what a research proposed conducted by BBC. This gives us a clue that in the corporate world, tall people are more desirable for competitive jobs. Though we cannot always judge the intelligence of a person through his physique but the results seem positive as height plays a commanding role in a person’s life. The research also exhibited that tall people earns more than their short counterparts. Tall height signifies leadership qualities such as power, dominance and governance.

But What History Reveals?

Perhaps in history, it is not always the tall people who are successful. There tend to be shorter people like Martin Luther King who have that charismatic personality despite being short.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group is also short in height but he has managed to build an empire.

So, tall height is not a distinctive factor that always leads to success but definitely tall people are more likable and can enjoy the additional attention that short people might not be able to achieve.

History Reveals tall peoples and short peoples

Tall People Are Also Preferred in Sports

In sports, you can see that athletes have longer legs and limbs that play an important role in their career success. In basketball team, tall height matters. They can oversee their competitors to pass the ball easily. For sports, height is a major criterion of selection particularly in some games.

But Life Span of Tall People Is Shorter

Ironically, the doctors say that the lifespan of a tall person is shorter than the squat person. How? Well medical personnel have the answer for this.

  • Tall people are more prone to get ill. There large body has more cells in comparison to the short ones. So, greater genes mutation can lead to greater chances of budding cancerous cells in your body.
  • Taller people also require more energy, so the wear and tear process also affects their life span.
  • Tall people also get affected with spinal issues in the long run.

Tall People Shorter

The pros and cons of being tall or short will always be a debate. If you are in dire need to increase your height, you shouldn’t be banging your head with the thought that you are not able to grow taller. There are height gaining exercises that can help you to learn how to get taller naturally.

Final Verdict

So, never bother about the height. If you are tall then you are blessed but more prone to get ill. If you are short, still the opportunities are open for you referring to the great leaders and mentors of the past who were short but influential.

You can enjoy the perks of being tall but cuteness is always the factor that is associated with short people. So Tall People vs Short People if you are tall you are blessed and if short than you are cute. Just don’t get disappointed. Everyone has their own beautiful soul.

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