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What is The Best Way to Manage Technology in Relationships?

The pocket technological revolution of the 20th century, which ushered in all kinds of neat palm-sized and consumer-friendly gadgets (with most of these being Internet-enabled) into the consumer marketplace, has in many ways had a decisive impact on the means through which we conduct our Technology Relationships. The term ‘relationship’ normally comes associated with the connotation of there being a romantic liaison affixed to it – whereas, in reality, relationships can encompass all kinds of temporally sustained human connections (even if they are short-lived). With a Spectrum Cable Toledo Ohio Internet service, you can research many other ideas related to this subject.

On The Novelty of Using Gadgets in Technology Relationships

Technology Relationships

As all of us might know from our lived day-to-day experiences that our personal computers, notebooks, mobile phones and music players (among many other common exemplars of gadgetry) can both hinder a relationship’s prospects, or make them flourish in new directions. For the purposes of this blog post, we will only be considering that particular type of affiliation which (due to a peculiar idiosyncrasy of the human animal) continues to command the highest levels of external speculation within established societies. The allusion here, of course, is to those Technology Relationships in which two (or more) people are said to care for each other to a heightened extent than normal – more so than what is characteristic of their other affiliations.

In many instances of casual and serious flings these days, a great majority of people choose to sign up for free accounts in popular dating services like Tinder (among others) – which intrinsically dependent upon the Internet, and all the devices that make it accessible to the public conscience. By connecting and thereafter physically hooking up with the individuals that match their personal preferences and interests, modern online dating platforms ensure that people can come close to each other in unprecedented ways.

The Downside of Dating Apps – a Technological Wonder Bar None

Dating Apps

While this facet of their functioning certainly constitutes one of their more positive influences on the cultural sphere, dating sites have their flip side as well. The unrestrained promotion of casual promiscuity, infidelity, and domestic abuse – all of which accrue as a result of the variety (or other potential ‘catches’) made available to prospective users –is undoubtedly one of the biggest social disadvantage attained from their regular use.

One of the best ways to manage and remain in control of Technology Relationships (rather than have it control us) is to use it to the extent in which it enhances our existing Technology Relationships. Monogamous affiliations, like the ones popularly realized through the institution of marriage, can prove to be very fulfilling to the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the individuals tied to each other within them – as per their normal trajectory.

Technological implements like television sets, movie/music players and gaming consoles can help to set the stage for these deeply entwined attachments to prosper. Anyone who’s enjoyed a relaxing movie or TV show episode with his/her spouse, that provides much introspective debating material (and makes room for further intimacy), can probably relate with the intent behind this assertion.

Cases That Warrant Further Introspection

By the same token, however, these same utilities can also serve to drive a significant wedge between otherwise happily engaged individuals. Not a day goes by in which the tabloid press doesn’t report on the cases of divorced husbands or wives, whose incessant gaming (in the case of men) and phone ‘yapping’ (often in the case of women) activities lead to the eventual annulment of their marriage contracts. These instances, which may be considered analogous to the cases of marital snoring (in which one spouse, to the horror of the other, has a debilitating & chronic snoring habit), may seem funny and stereotypical at first – but their resulting consequences for a once-happy home come about as hardly anything to joke about.

How Technology – and Marital Counselors – Help

Marital Counselors

In real-life scenarios of marriages where instances of divorce and conflict are imminent, the internet (which may – with a certain degree of confidence – be considered one of the greatest of technological innovations of the last 100 years) can make accessibility to skilled psychological counselors a very easy endeavor. In many locations both across the country and the world, online counseling platforms like better help (among others) continue to serve as the primary avenues where couples can have a skilled therapist listen to their issues – and suggest behavioral remedies or thinking techniques to curtail the further deterioration of their relationship.

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