The advantages of Cellma’s Referral Management for Workplace Occupation Health

This blog post will discuss how Cellma can help to improve workplace occupational health and safety protocols by streamlining the process using referral management

There are specific procedures that must be followed when an employee needs sick or absent leave, or documentation relating to either. This blog post will discuss how Cellma can help to improve workplace occupational health and safety protocols by streamlining the process using the referral management module.

The ability to demonstrate that an employee is Fit to Work is essential to following proper occupational health and safety procedures at work. Employees are referred to qualified Occupational Health and Safety practitioners who are either employed by the mentioned place of employment or privately run in order to demonstrate this.

The following are a few of the reasons why an employee might be referred to such professionals:

As was previously stated, it is necessary to demonstrate your fitness for work (you can do this as a new employee or at any point during your employment), as the employer may want to make sure that the work you are doing and the environment in which it is being done has no negative effects on your health.

An examination may be conducted in response to illness or persistent absences from work in order to confirm the employee's "sick leave."

In response to ongoing absences from work brought on by accidents or any other circumstance necessitating sick leave

any medical conditions that impact behavior, performance, or attendance at work.


Managers or HR professionals can submit a customized form or email a request to the occupational health and safety service using Cellma's Referral Management module. In some cases, self-referrals can also be managed through our referral portal. Upon receipt of the referral form or request, it will be evaluated, logged, and, depending on the services requested, an appointment will be made for the requesting party.


For easy access by medical professionals, all available forms, letters, and documentation are explicitly customized for the organization and stored within Cellma.

Patient Background

The patient's history, which covers everything:

taken medications
assessments and inquiries made by a doctor or doctors
medical notes
Blood tests

The patient's summary contains any medical actions noted during the patient's visit, enabling the occupational health practitioner to review previous visits or the patient's history of illness or absence.

Occupational health evaluations

For the practitioner to conduct and record the results required to make an informed decision for the employee, customized assessments that are particular to Occupational Health Services can be included.

Proper communication is essential if the occupational health practitioner is to fully comprehend what is required of the employee or the organization. This can be done by sending emails, texts, or chat software between the manager or HR and the doctor.

Given the size of the workforce, consistent reporting every week or month is required to account for all services provided by the medical practitioner and the caliber of those services. Contact us for more details on how Cellma can streamline your workplace occupational health services.

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