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Top Places In Croatia For Sailing

For years, the long and extraordinary coastline that Croatia boasts has been luring both novice and experienced sailors to its magical shores. This has been made easier by the emergence of dozens of operators providing rental sailboats, giving you the rare opportunity of discovering this beautiful country from the sea. Check out the following exciting sailing destinations Croatia has to offer, with rewarding harbors and anchorages.

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Primosten beautiful place

This is one of the most renowned centers of Dalmatia. It is famous for its picturesque landscapes among the small localities on the Adriatic coast and features a number of narrow streets located on the little hilly peninsula in the old part of town. On the northern part of the town center, you will come across the Raduca and Slava hotels, which will provide you with a nice place to relax and recover the energy you spent while sailing all day. There’s also the Marina Lucia hotel located in the south and the Kremik hotel, just a short distance away.


split croatia girl

Split is the second biggest city in the country, located in the heart of the Dalmatia. This historic town was built around a sheltered harbor, south of a high peninsula that is sheltered from the ocean by a number of islands. You will find ferries plying this route frequently and the whole west end of the peninsula features a vast wooded mountain park, with commercial facilities like limestone quarries, shipyards, and industries, etc being way far off. The high coastal mountains that are visible against the blue Adriatic leave behind a splendid and polarizing scenery. Split is actually the best destination to commence your charter given that its proximal to towns like Vis, Hvar, and Korcula. Split is also one of the most beautiful cities in the country and is visited by many tourists year round, some of them even love the city so much they decide to invest in it by buying some of the available amazing houses for sale in Croatia.


Korcula girl

Korcula’s port is found on the northeastern coast of the island. Marina Korcula is located on the small bay found on the eastern part of the town. This historic center of the island boasts a strategic geographical position in the Peljesac channel. Korcula also has a wealth of cultural heritage, shipbuilding services, stone carvings. Korcula is also the home of the famous sailor Marko Polo. The rich history of Korcula gives visitors a chance to relax and discover the interesting facts about the land after a long day of sailing in Croatia.


Mljet Sailing

Legend has it that Odysseus was imprisoned in a Mijet cave for almost 7 years. Take one good look at the caves and you’ll understand why he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Mijet is quite a large island and it is known for its sheer beauty. Eccentric little villages, vineyards, pine forests, secluded saltwater lakes define the town of Mijet. You can also sample the various red and white wines the city has to offer, fresh seafood, olives, as well as its famous national park located in the North West end. Mijet also boasts a number of sandy beaches with Saplunara being the most popular. A stroll along the shoreline will introduce you to some secluded posts where guests go for sun tanning.

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