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Validity Collaborates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Along with 90 Days Partner Success for Customer Growth and Engagement

A customer is the core part of any business, so the companies around the world focus their efforts on how to better engage with them.

In this generation, customer experience results in strong engagement eventually increase product sales.

Most of the business CRM (Customer Relation Management) users must focus their attention on helping their employee engagement with the customer to build and strengthen the relationship by exploring deeper into customer needs.


So the latest step has been taken by the world’s giant CRM Company Microsoft and its services Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement.

The Boston based company provides data quality and compliance tools for CRM administrations aimed at helping to support sales, operations and management and marketing teams.


The company is claiming now that 40,000 organizations have used their platform, which is quite astonishing and remarkable.

The growth of Microsoft Dynamics has allowed the organizations to grow their business and manage it in a much more efficient manner.

Your customers are looking to move their business applications to the cloud and they will rely on strategic partners to help them get there.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central presents a unique and interesting chance for partners to offer a completely connected all in one business management applications in the cloud.

However, there are organizational changes and new delivery methods that can be considered before even you start on your new cloud journey.

To attain success, partners need to adapt to a new business model to market, sell and deliver these solutions and services.

Join online workshop and you will learn about tools, easy to follow steps to build your go-to-market plan and simplify your path to 365 business central success in 2019.

What are the key topics in this program?

  1. Valuable strategies for managing the change
  2. How to manage your business management, solution development, and sales
  3. Resources and best practices for the cloud journey

Microsoft Dynamic

How Dynamics 365 helps improve customer engagement?

  1. Proactively connect with customers: Craft the right message for your existing and potential customers with compelling words that are the reasons of success stories around the innovations and growth.
  2. Outstanding service delivery: To deliver the customer with personalized service experience, Dynamics 365 Services offers relationship and process detail across mobile and other platforms. CRM helps improve customer service with automated email notification help keep the customer updated on the progress for service cases with which are currently open or closed.
  3. Service performance evaluation: Dynamics 365 helps capture customer feedback on a regular basis. It is in the form of feedback reports. Email alerts and reports that help assess the performance towards taking corrective action on the problems. The dashboard of Dynamics 365 help review service delivery performance and identify improvement areas. The metrics support pinpointing the recurring changes on support and sometimes even quantify the percentage of issues resolved over service calls.

Microsoft Dynamic

In order to execute all these successfully, a new plan of 30-60-90 day action plan has been formed and will be executed to make this segment stronger.

A company like Stratos Cloud Alliance has been supporting the Dynamics partner ecosystem transitions to the cloud. They are the main distributor of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Their extensive experience and ability to support indirect CSP Resellers allow us to provide guidance and enablement programs of Dynamics partners who want to grab the Microsoft Cloud opportunity.

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