Wanted to go beyond elections, create support for South Asians: SAFA co-founder Neha Dewan

I wanted an organization that is beyond presidential elections and does more than just campaign work, Neha Dewan, co-founder of South Asians for America (SAFA) told

SAFA, which transitioned from South Asians for Biden last year, is a national grassroots organization dedicated to the education, advocacy, engagement and mobilization of the South Asian Democratic community in the United States at the local, state and federal levels by increasing civic engagement, political participation and networks of South Asians.

Dewan, an attorney by profession, was co-founder and national director of South Asians for Biden, an organization dedicated to engaging with, educating and mobilizing the South Asian community to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020.

In 2016, she served as national co-chair for South Asians for Hillary and was appointed by Hillary Clinton and has served and advocated for President Barack Obama as well.

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