What Causes a Double Chin?

Submental fat causes a double chin. This common condition affects all ages. Reasons vary. A double chin doesn’t always indicate obesity.

People with a double chin, called submental fat, have too much fat under their lower jaw. Men and women of all ages can get this common condition. It can happen for many different reasons. A double chin isn’t just a sign of being overweight.

So, if weight isn’t always to blame, what else can cause a double chin? What can you do to change it?

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Double chin causes

Weight is often a cause of extra fat in many parts of the body, including under the lower jaw. However, there are other common reasons:


If someone has extra fat under their chin but looks healthy otherwise, it’s likely because of their family history.


Collagen and elastin in your skin get thinner and less intense as you age. These proteins in your skin give it fullness, firmness, and elasticity. Over time, your body makes less of these proteins, which makes your skin sag, especially the skin under your jaw.


How you stand can weaken your neck and chin muscles over time. If those muscles aren’t used often, the skin in that area will lose its elasticity.

Your double chin can be fixed, even if it’s caused by your genes, age, weight, or posture.

Treatments for a double chin

There are many things you can do to help get rid of your double chin, such as:

Neck and face exercises

Several exercises work the muscles in your face and neck.

Around the world: gently turn your head to warm it up

Whistle at the ceiling: tilt your head and make it like you’re whistling.

Kiss the sky: Stand with your head back and pucker your lips like the last one.

Put a ball under your chin and push down on it.

Because most of the results of these exercises come from anecdotal evidence, they should be used along with other treatments.

Lifestyle changes

Changes to your lifestyle, like eating better and working out regularly, can improve your overall health and help you lose fat in places like your chin.

Find a room in your diet for more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Forty-five minutes of moderate exercise a day is also essential. In the meantime, eat less sugar, fried food, and processed food.

Health care choices

Lipolysis (liposculpture) and mesotherapy are two ways to treat a double chin. Either liposuction or heat from laser treatments is used in lipolysis to get rid of fat and change the shape of the skin.

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a compound that breaks down fat is injected into the body. Deoxycholic acid, better known by its brand name Kybella®, helps your body absorb fats. Each treatment usually involves 20 injections.

Both treatments can cause swelling, bruising, and pain in the short term.

No matter how you got a double chin, know that you can do something about it. You can make an appointment by calling us at +917060854824.

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