Why does USCIS Require a Certified Document Translation?

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Certified Document Translation work

In US, translation service is the translation of any certified legal documents such as Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate to English language. The translated document is accompanied by a signed statement by a qualified translator or reputed translation agency affirming that the translated text is accurate and complete rendering of the original document.

A certified translation for USCIS is a translation provided by a professional certified translator or translation agency. All these translations are done according to USCIS requirements and is also accompanied by a signed statement and is stamped as “Certificate of Accuracy”. For example: If you’re looking to work, study, or immigrate to the US, your foremost step is to provide USCIS certified translated documents.

Why does USCIS require a certified document translation?

According to the Federal Regulations Code (8 CFR 103.2(b)(3)),

Any legal document containing foreign language was submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, must be accompanied to the complete translation of English language. In which the translator will provide a certification statement affirming that the translated document is accurate also the translator has a capability to translate any foreign language to English language.

Format for Certified Translation

The translator who translates any foreign documents must certify that he/she has the ability to translate into English language and it is accurate. The suggested certification for certified translation must include the certifier’s name, signature, address, and date of certification. 

I, [name of the translator], certify that I am expert (fluent) in English and [foreign language], and all that information attached in the translated document is accurate to my knowledge and it is complete rendering of the original document (name of the document).






Notarized translation:

The quality of the translation is not an issue in the notarized translation. It is more concerned on fulfilling the formal requirements of an institution in the U.S. 

The important thing in notarization is, here the translator will be asked to sign an affidavit, that contain the seal and signature of the translator/translation agency. It is also more concerned about the identity of the translator who translated it.

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Get a USCIS translation from a professional translation agency.

Professional translation services like Click FOR Translation, we know how to provide a certified translation that would be accepted by USCIS. As an active member of ATA, Click For Translation provides the highest level of professionalism and excellence in our work. Our experts will certify the translation also give you the confidence in the translated document that everything is right.


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