You Have to Know What You Want


When it comes to having goals, you really need to know what exactly it is that you want.

Its a good thing to have goals. Goals give us a sense of purpose as we pursue them and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when we reach them. When establishing goals, though, it is important to really know exactly what it is that we want. Otherwise we may wander aimlessly about with no sense of direction and actually end up falling far short of our goals.

As an example, I am a musician, webmaster, 3D artist and, as you can see here, I am a writer of articles. Each of these endeavors may involve goals, both long term and short term. But where exactly is it that I would like to end up? That should be the desired end result. That basically is the life I would like to live. Thats the big long term goal. I have to think as to what would be the ideal lifestyle for myself. A sort of minimal standard for what I think would be a happy life for me.

So then I start to think what would be a satisfactory minimal standard of living for me. I have to be realistic now. Not set a goal that would be unrealistically high and pretty much unattainable. Saying that I would love to make 100 million dollars a year might be a bit of a stretch. So lets just say that I intend primarily to make a satisfactory annual income doing what I like to do for a living. To me, that would be the ideal situation for myself. That is to make a nice income doing creative things like writing, web development of my own websites, writing and 3D artwork.

Your happiness

So, for me to make a decent annual income doing all of those things, I really only need to be moderately successful at them and the combined income should be enough to make me happy. Now, the description above is kind of a broad one. Each of those categories can have specific goals assigned to them. As a musician, I may want to do some live performance as well as some composing and recording. Three areas that allow for some income. As a writer, I may want to write articles, screenplays and novels. That would be another few sources of income. As a web developer, I may try to do some marketing and try different methods of advertising in order to boost traffic and get more revenues from advertising on my websites. As a 3D artist, I may try to sell art prints as well as do artwork for CD covers, book covers and so one.

So when I break everything down into different categories and sub categories, it becomes clear that I only need to be moderately successful in each area. I dont have to have a mega million selling CD or play arenas as a musician. That certainly allows me to set the bar much lower and set goals much easier to reach. As a writer, I dont need to have that New york Times Best seller. So setting realistic goals while knowing what it is that you truly want can set you on a path to where it will be easier for you to attain that level of happiness and fulfillment that you may have had difficulty in reaching.

Now, do you know what exactly it is that you want? What is the end game for you. Mine was to make a good living doing the things I love to do and working totally for myself. That is basically what I want, broken down and simplified. Maybe you could list what it is that you want. Write down on a piece of paper what you want your end game to be. Keep that piece of paper somewhere. It might sound corny but I often write these sort of things down. Or at least I will type them into my computer and save the file. Then, from time to time, I will look it over. I do that because I want to see if my focus has shifted from what I really want and if I have strayed in any way from pursuing what I want.

It doesnt take much to throw you off. Whether its your focus shifting or you start to veer away from certain priorities, its always good to remind yourself what you really want. Remember, you have to want something that is realistically attainable. Otherwise you may never reach your goals and you may never really be happy. But, never-the-less, you have to know what you want. That will take some soul searching and you need to be somewhat specific. Give it a try, take a look at yourself and see what you come up with.

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