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5 Must Have Supplies When Moving Office

If you’ve decided to move office, you already know that the hardest part of the process will be packing the equipment, furniture, and files. Office relocation is time-consuming and, without a proper plan in place, it can go terribly wrong. The one thing business owners fear the most when moving office is that the productivity of their business will suffer. It’s normal for things to go a bit slower than usual with all the packing and moving, but if you schedule every step of the moving process and delegate responsibilities to all your employees, you will get things back to normal faster than you might expect.

Moving Office

While most business owners who plan an office relocation consider the major aspects of the move, such as hiring professional business movers who have experience with corporate moving, notifying their associates, utility companies and clients of the change of address, and setting up a calendar for the big move, there are some who happen to forget about the small details. However, as you probably know, perfection hides in details. Small details do make a difference during the moving process, especially if you forget to acquire the following supplies:

1. Floor protectors

Floor protectors are a must for both the old and new office locations because they will protect the floors from scratching and denting, making it easier for movers to carry large pieces of equipment and furniture in and from moving trucks. Reputable business movers use floor protectors such as Kraft paper rolls, corrugated paper rolls, and Glassine paper rolls. If the corporate moving company you’ve hired doesn’t provide such supplies, make sure you procure them before their arrival.

2. Dollies

Nothing can be done during a business relocation if dollies are not around to make things easier and lighter to carry from one place to another. Dollies are a must during an office move because they will help you transport large pieces of office equipment, such as computers, printers, fax machines, phone systems, as well as furniture like desks, tables, chairs etc. So, make sure you have plenty of dollies available to make your employees and movers’ job easier and speed up the moving process.


3. Cardboard boxes

Perhaps the number one supply to be used for any type of move, cardboard boxes are the foundation stone for a successful moving process. They are light, easy to use, durable, flexible, and, if you’re smart, they can even be free, if you don’t want to buy new cardboard Packaging and settle for used boxes. Cardboard boxes are also eco-friendly, so you will be protecting the environment while saving some money.

Cardboard boxes

4. Furniture pads

The best way to protect you

Your furniture from scratches and deterioration is to use furniture pads. You can find various types of furniture pads, so make sure you buy the ones that best suit your needs. The tap-on pads are extremely secure and great to use for furniture legs. They can be attached to your furniture with a small nail or screw. The self-adhesive pads, on the other hand, are easier to use because all you have to do is stick them on the furniture. However, they last less than the nail-on pads, since they are made of rubber and rely on an adhesive to stay in place. The slip-on pads are made of rubber or plastic and fit over your furniture legs, but they can easily fall off or even scratch the surface of the floor you’re trying to protect in the first place.

5. Cargo straps

The one thing that ensures your office equipment, furniture, and other belongings will stay put inside a moving truck are the cargo straps. It is very important to strap down all loose items when transporting them in trucks, in order to protect them from being damaged or damaging other objects. Also, cargo straps facilitate the lifting of large items and make it easier for oddly shaped objects to be carried around.

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