Wisdom Teeth

What’s the Deal with Wisdom Teeth?

The third molars are commonly called wisdom teeth because they erupt in the mouth later than all the other teeth. They usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25, but more often than not, these late bloomers can end up causing a great deal of pain, swelling, and irritation. In the United States, approximately […]

Rent Cycle

Rent a Cycle and Get Fit

When time is of the essence, the typical urban dweller tends to start making sacrifices. One of the most common sacrifices is health. A lifestyle that revolves Rent Cycle around meetings and cubicles, punctuated by fleeting weekends, can only support a sliver of physical activity. Heading off to the gym requires dedication and a lot of […]

Covered for medicals insurance

Do I Really Need Health Insurance

Ever wondered why health insurance is useful? Unlike car insurance, Health insurance in Pakistan is often neglected and has never been a priority for many. The consequences are tempting; a recent report shows people facing financial depth, have mentioned “Health budget” as the core reason for their financial disability. However, you will not opt for […]

Why is a Personal Loan Considered as Better Option During Medical Emergencies

A Medical Emergencies may take place at any time throwing your finances off-track. In the event that you or a family member are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, paying hefty medical bills can put a serious strain on your savings. While a health insurance policy might cover you against most health issues, sometimes the situation […]



Ideally, everyone should have a health insurance in the Philippines. Although the country’s medical facilities are on par with the rest of the world, access to healthcare is still difficult for some Filipinos. In 2016, the government-run Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), fell nine percent short of ensuring universal healthcare coverage among Filipinos. Although PhilHealth […]