SEO Optimization

Google Speed Update and How It Will Effect SEO

Google, the search engine giant, recently announced the newest update to its algorithm system for 2018. The new algorithm will introduce a new ranking system for their mobile version. Google has given their new update the name “Speed Update”, and we can safely say that because of the impact that this update will have on […]

Best SEO Techniques to Build Your Website Traffic

Does SEO Techniques effect on your website traffic? Absolutely it does! SEO is an important factor for every website. This approach makes it serious for the users to implement the possible methods. Google dominates the programmed algorithms to review the ceaseless number of sites. Experts at Google set out what they call ‘spiders’ to assess […]

Schema Markup

How to Turn Schema Mark-up into Success

Including Schema Markup microdata in your web pages is a lot more like eating well, sweating out at the gym, or getting a good sleep at night – “important”. Today, as the world experience a competitive market, where every other organization or business is competing at a different level – planning the right tactic to […]

Search Engines

5 Ways to Give your Website a Look Equally Lovable by Visitors & Search Engines

A company’s core objective is revenue generation. It seeks for the business solutions to ensure a continuous increase in potential leads, sales and accelerating return on investments. The long-term strategic growth potential is necessary to build your business empire that the world has never experienced Search Engines before. For this, you need to bring contemporary digital […]