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6 Pool Maintenance Tips That You Should Try

It is important to keep the Pool Maintenance clean and maintained to improve its life. Those who have a pool at their place are usually not aware of all the things about its maintenance. Apparently, we need to use the pool in the summers. It can be a challenge, but it is worth the efforts. After all, you will get the time to relax in it with your loved ones, once it is clean.

Besides adding chemicals, there are a lot of other things to it as well. And you should spend a little money for the same if you don’t want to face tremendous charges later on. Keep reading the post to know the tips that you need to follow to maintain the Pool Maintenance.

Supercharge the Skimmers

swimming pool

Skimmers are the equipment that does quite a lot for you. They help you filter out the leaves and other debris from the pool. But, their drawback is that they leave behind a lot. However, you can make them work better by supercharging them.

Supercharging here means to clean them of any dirt, sand, or hair every week. Also, use some fabric to wrap around the baskets of the skimmer. For fabric, you can use an old t-shirt of yours. It helps a lot in keeping the pool the clean. Also, it does not take much effort to do the same.

Buy Baking Soda

It is a game changer both inside and outside the kitchen. Well, it can be clean the pool as well. Usually, the rains lead to an increase in the pH levels of Pool Maintenance water. To control it, and take it back to the desired levels, you need to add a couple of pounds to the water.

One pound of baking soda is can remove as much as one pound of alkalinity from the water. What’s the best thing about baking soda? It is extremely cheap.

Take some baking soda and use it to clean the tile and grout inside the pool. Remember to do this at least once a week. What it does is that it also prevents the formation of algae in the water.

Say no to fabrics inside the Pool

Pool Maintenance

It is natural to have a sun allergy or such problems. And sometimes, one can simply not avoid enjoyment. What does the person do? He dives into the pool wearing a T-shirt and his shorts.

You might not know that fabric frays and dyes on the clothes can bleed into the water and can contaminate it. The contamination comes as a result of dyes coming into contact with the chlorine in the pool water.

What does this do? It makes the pool look cloudy in no time. But, there’s always a way out of the problems. The solution here is to ask everyone not to wear fabrics while going into the pool. Use the swimming suit instead.

Chlorinate the Pool

Chlorine is one of the lifelines of swimming pools. The water in the pools can contact bacteria fairly quickly. These bacteria are quite harmful to the human body.  Water chlorination prevents the birth and growth of such bacteria in the water.

Make sure that the pH of water is neither too high, nor too low before you add chlorine to it. It is because any of those extremes can reduce the potential of chlorine. The ideal value of pH of pool water ranges between 7.2 and 7.4.

Tennis balls help a lot

swimming pool balls

As weird it might sound, it is as real. When we get on the water in the pool, we take lotions and sunscreens along. These skin care products are not good for the health of the water. The water in the Pool Maintenance gets dirty because of these substances. Also, the oil from our bodies gets into the water as well.

However, if you toss in some tennis balls to the pool, they help absorb those harmful for water substances. You can either let them float or fix them on the skimmers. That’s how to clean the pool without actually cleaning it for the time being.

Use the Bug Banishers

Swimmers know how awful it is to experience the bugs nearby. They ruin the entire craze of the people who want to enjoy their family time in the Pool Maintenance. Even the skimmer baskets don’t feel good because of them.

To keep them away from your pool, you should plant the lemongrass somewhere around the pool. Lemongrass plants have a thing in their skin called citronella. It keeps mosquitoes and other such bugs at a distance from the pool.

If it is the Hornets and wasps that are around your pool, you can create a fake wasps’ nest around the pool. These stinging bugs don’t come into a range of 200 meters of an already built nest, even if it is not a real one. Northshore offers the best pool companies in Perth.

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