6 Rare Facts About Technology That Are Hard to Believe

Look around and you’ll see technology all around us. Since technology is a major part of our lives now, we may think know everything about it. But the fact is,Look around and you’ll see technology all around us. Since technology is a major part of our lives now, we may think know everything about it. But the fact is, most of us are still unaware of some interesting facts about technology that will take us by surprise. So, if you want to know more about such facts, stick with us as we’re just getting started.

NASA’s Internet: 

NASA tested out its internet in 2013 and 2014, and guess what, the internet speeds maxed out at a whopping 91Gbps. Well, this isn’t the internet speed NASA engineers usually get across its buildings. Instead, it was achieved between NASA’s offices in Denver and Maryland. Also, it was a wired connection.

It seems quite impressive when we compare it to a normal household internet. For instance, let’s compare it with Spectrum Internet, one of America’s finest and most reliable ISPs. Even if you opt for Spectrum’s high-tiered internet plan, your max download speed will be around 1Gbps. That said, it’s quite fast since we won’t be receiving any data from the James Webb or the Hubble telescope.

Nevertheless, it’s quite an interesting feat that most of us aren’t aware of.

A Computer That Ran on Water: 

Charles Babbage is indeed the father of computers. No one can take that away from him, but, 99 years after the first computer, something rare happened in the technological world.

A Russian architect, painter, and graphic artist, Vladimir Sergeevich Lukyanov introduced a computer that worked on water. No electricity, wind, or sunlight, only water.

Lukyanov worked for a construction company and didn’t understand why cracks appeared in buildings during the winter season. To understand the thermal process, he made a water integrator computer that could plot graphs and visualize the thermal process.

Sadly, this marvel was sidelined once digital computers made it to the markets.

Wikipedia Has Thousands of Bots: 

Every internet user knows about Wikipedia, right? It’s one of the largest sources of information available on the internet. However, whether all the information on Wikipedia is true or not is another question.

The surprising thing about Wikipedia is that it is solely managed by bots. They’re in charge of creating new pages, finding and sorting out grammatical or spelling mistakes, etc. These bots don’t add information, as it’s a “Wiki” website, and anyone can edit or add information on it. But these bots ensure that the website stays up and running.

According to Wikipedia itself, there are 2694 approved bots while the number of active bots is 188. Anyone with a piece of basic programming knowledge can make a bot for Wikipedia. However, it’s up to the Bot Approval Group to approve it or not. 

World’s First Web Page is Still Up and Running:

Today, Web 3.0 is rolling out and it’s a game changer. However, back in the days when the internet was alien to most of us, Tim-Berners Lee was working on creating the world’s first World Wide Web. In 1991, the world’s first web page went live and it was hosted on a NeXT system at CERN.

Here’s the amazing thing about it; it is still up and running, even when the world is shifting to Web 3.0. You may find it a little absurd since it’s not advanced in any way, but it’s worth a visit. Click here if you want to see the world’s first web page

The Apple Collection: 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read “Apple”? Some people, distanced from technology may think about the fruit; apple, but to most people the company that manufactures iPhones may come to mind.

Over the years, Apple – the company has successfully created an ecosystem for its users. From iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, and AirTags, to its very own OS, Apple offers everything to its customers.

However, what if I tell you that the same company tried its luck in the apparel industry? It was called “The Apple Collection” and it was launched in 1986, one year after Steve Jobs left the company. Unlike Apple’s products now, it was a real flop and failed to generate any traction among the masses. Nevertheless, if Apple was to launch its clothing line now, things may work out differently for them this time.

Jeff Bezos was Confused About Amazon.com: 

Initially, Jeff Bezos wasn’t so sure about naming his company “Amazon”. At first, he came up with the name “Cadabra Inc.” but soon renamed it.

Because Bezos wasn’t sure about his company’s name, he registered the company’s domain under different names before finally concluding on amazon.com. Aard.com, awake.com, browse.com, bookmall.com, and relentless.com are some of the other names he used for the company’s domain. The interesting thing is that Jeff Bezos still owns relentless.com and if you ever visit this site, it’ll redirect you to amazon.com.

The thing about technology is that it will always amaze us in one way or another. Sometimes, it’ll get weird and most times, it’ll be as fascinating as these things. But it’ll be useful every single time and as its users, we’re hopeful that it stays that way.

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