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7 Original Walls for Offices that will Inspire you | Office Decoration Ideas

The sad and monotonous Office Decoration Ideas are over. The trend that comes is that our offices reflect personality, character, and creativity. On the walls, we find another way to motivate our staff and at the same time to offer a current and unique image that is attractive to our customers and suppliers. So that working in them is more pleasant, so who does not want to go to the office?

Technology companies such as Google, Cisco or Facebook started this path towards a different office in which working is not synonymous with boredom. They bet on giving them color, creating entertainment areas, even surprising walls and even relaxing areas with grass where to take a good nap. All to encourage creativity and make the staff feel at home. Maybe in our office, we can not afford that but we can bet on original walls that create a dynamic environment in which everyone feels more at ease.

  1. Mood Board Office Decoration Ideas

Mood Board

They are a form of expression in which each person will reflect their personality and style. They are fashionable because they are decorative but also inspiring and will make the staff feel at home.

But they can also be very useful so that we do not miss interesting ideas or to give us the final inspiration in that project that has not just started. With a simple board will suffice but we can also go further and make them part of the decoration and leave a small personal corner in which everyone can express themselves.

The OSB boards that we talked about on the blog recently are also a perfect solution. Or if we can not use metal grids in the front to hang photos, drawings, newspaper cuttings … ..a simple solution, and above decorative! And in addition, there will be more space on the table.

And if your work is creative, dare to fill the walls of inspiration with photos, drawings, and paintings. You will create a space full of magic and personality and in which you will feel so comfortable that you will surely get inspiration. Or at least the excuse will not be the lack of personality of your Office Decoration Ideas.

  1. Slates Full of Inspiration

Slates Full Inspiration

Any area of the Office Decoration Ideas can be good for installing a blackboard and letting it fill with ideas and creativity. For example, a meeting area or a waiting room in which to invite visitors to leave their suggestions and ideas. Is not it more interesting like that?

They are also ideal for taking advantage of corridor areas where we do not know very well what to put on or to which we want to give a different and uncommon air. Maybe it can be the way to motivate our team with this new projector to put inspiring phrases. And always ready for a change.

If you have an office at home, do not think about it, the blackboard paint is your ally to never forget anything. And if you are one of those who likes to have everything organized and well-planned use your whiteboard to always have on hand your most important appointments and tasks. So sure you do not miss a detail and on top as well, perfect!

  1. Geometry on the Walls

Geometry Walls

The geometry is also imposed on the walls to give an original and different air to offices that also opt for color. Creative companies set the tone: we must promote a fun and dynamic environment that enhances the creativity of the staff. And transmit a current and unique image to our customers.

The offices are no longer those gray and boring places of yesteryear. Now they are also impregnated with the latest trends in decoration and are aimed at the color block and fill walls with life as a way to motivate and inspire staff and all our visitors. Impossible to resist!

And for your home Office Decoration Ideas do not think about it, it is a total trend and will also give a more current air to your office. In neutral tones or betting on color, you decide. It’s much simpler than it may seem and … I’m sure it will not leave anyone indifferent!

  1. Wood Conquers the Office

Wood Conquers Office

The office does not resist the invasion of wood and the more natural decoration inspired by nature. Floors, ceilings and of course walls are covered in wood to provide warmth and comfort. And it can also be decorative.

An idea that undoubtedly is here to stay and that we will continue to see much in coming seasons, whether in the form of recycled wood such as pallets or old boards or wood imitations. We have already seen it in the Office Decoration Ideas furniture where the marked veins return that remind us of real wood.

Now join wooden walls with natural tones such as green or very bright as yellow and white and you will create calm environments in which to find inspiration. We already talked about the green color in Office Decoration Ideas as a good solution. And of course the white, timeless, bright and soothing is always a safe bet together with the wood tones.

  1. Fewer Walls … and More Glass

office Walls Glass

The traditional office full of small offices and very compartmentalized is happening to a better life. Now the open spaces are imposed … and the crystal! A way to separate spaces with many advantages and with which we gain in luminosity and sense of spaciousness.

The glass acts as walls to create diaphanous spaces in which to relax and inspire us. The meeting rooms and common areas are no longer hidden but open to the outside. It is a new Office Decoration Ideas concept that is gradually gaining ground.

And if we do not like so much transparency we can also finish the crystals so that the light goes on but there is some privacy. Thus the crystals become part of the decoration of our offices. Do we join this trend?

  1. Murals XL

office Murals

We have been seeing the photomurals for some time now, gaining ground at home and now they are also willing to conquer the transit or meeting areas of the offices. Or even the offices where the walls are no longer simple walls but spaces of inspiration. Take advantage of them!

You can use them to send messages, to make a brand image, to make a statement of intentions or simply as a way to give color and life to your walls. Today the photomurals are made to measure and even with the design that we want. So there is no excuse for not having such special walls.

  1. Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

Another reflection of the trend towards more natural Office Decoration Ideas are the vertical gardens that are now imposed throughout the office. But they are especially the common spaces where they find the ideal place to create very special and relaxing corners. Who can resist?

With them, we will get offices that take us to open and natural spaces. And they are also a perfect element for reception areas that will reflect a modern and fresh image of our company. Our visitors will feel welcome.

And if you do not have Google’s budget to install trees, nothing happens. There are many options of small vertical gardens or can even be created from pallets with a minimum cost, the important thing is to let the forest enter your office.

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