Skip Bin Hire truck waste

All You Need To Know About Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins are immensely important in disposing of the wastes in an organized manner. Skip bin hire is a common service that is seen in various places like residential places, commercial places, factories, garages and so on.  The best use of skip bins is segregating different types of wastes and thus helps in their proper disposal. Visit WM Waste Management Services if you are interested in skip bin hire.

There are various companies throughout Australia which provide waste bins for hire; you just need to choose the nearest one as per your requirement. Before going for skip bin hire, you should first decide for which purpose you want to hire them as there are specific bins available for specific purposes. Below, a list of wastes is given and the suitable bins for collecting them are also mentioned.

  • General bins: In these bins, you can dump all wastes that come out from household such as peels of vegetables and fruits, eggshells, kitchen wastes, stationery, etc. Some of the wastes may also come from furniture and electrical industries like pieces of wood, timber, parts of sofa, washing machine parts, etc. They can carry weights up to 150 kg.
  • Natural waste bins: They carry plant parts like trunks, leaves, twigs, bushes, weeds, trunks of trees, etc. Biodegradable wastes, that is, wastes that can be decomposed by micro-organisms are also thrown here. Howev er, bricks, cement, and hazardous substances should never be disposed of here.
  • Concrete Bins: As the name suggests we can throw bricks, tiles, cement, stones, pebbles, etc in this type of bin. Many people throw soil in the concrete bins, but this should not be done as the soil should only be thrown in dirt bins.
  • Dirt bins: This type of bin is ideal for the collection of naturally occurring wastes such as soil, mud, clay, dirt, sand, etc. They are found in abundance thus, dirt bins are the most popular when it comes to skip bin hire. However, impure and dirty soil that is mixed with insects and other germs should not be thrown here but should be disposed of elsewhere.

Benefits Of Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Hire truck waste

  • It is possible to buy waste bins but disposing them is a huge task. In commercial places and factories, hiring skip bins than buying them is more common as a large amount of industrial wastes accumulate on a daily basis whose disposal might include bins of great dimensions. Such bins can be extremely expensive but disposing of the garbage requires a team.
  • Companies providing skip bin hire also make provisions for their disposal in the correct way. This can be extremely beneficial, especially for those running commercial places.
  • Hiring skip bins allow you to choose the most accurate bin according to your requirements. Such companies usually have a big collection of such bins to choose from.

Types Of Skip Bins Based On Their Functions

Skip Bin Hire truck waste

  • Marrel Bins: These types of bins are quite popular for getting rid of household wastes as well as commercial ones. In many cases, such bins are provided with a wheelbarrow which makes it easier for people to dispose of the wastes.
  • Bins with hooks: These are mostly used in industrial areas where a large quantity of wastes are thrown in these bins and they are lifted by cranes by attaching themselves with the hooks. These types of bins are very useful in construction sites for collection of rubbish.
  • Mobile bins: These types of skip bins are very useful as they can be carried from one place to another and are mostly found in airports, car parking areas or railway platforms.

Thus, skip bin hire is a useful way of disposing of different types of wastes in an organized and neat way.

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